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Something cool about having your birthday on August 10th: It's celebrated by the HEAVENS every year!* But this year, I can't even watch because, well, if you looked out my window and saw how THICK the cloud cover is...sigh

You know what I would like to have? A book, a handmade book, with each page contributed by one of YOU. A page that you sketch, draw, paint, write, doodle, collage, a page of wonderful whatevers that represent YOU. A friendship book, sort of like a slambook, but much nicer. Wouldn't that be cool? I would treasure it, I would. Would you do that for me? Just a page? 8.5x11 or A4 format, send it to: Liz Slaughter-Ek, Platanvägen 25, S-24032 Flyinge, Sweden. I mean ALL of you, even you lurkity lurkers.

And while I'm asking you for things: if you write, especially if you write poetry, won't you consider submitting it to Mosaic Minds? We're looking for submissions for our next issue. The theme is "Just a Little..." but only feature articles need to adhere to the theme (i.e. not poetry). Deadline is August 30th. Go on, give it a try!

Idiosyncrasy the First: I can't walk by a crooked picture on the wall without straightening it, no matter where I am: restaurants, friend's houses, museums...

Idiosyncrasy the Second: Repetitive noises drive me bananas. Sometimes 2 in a row is enough to make me snap.

Idiosyncrasy the Third: I pick at my lips. It's a fidget habit I've never been able to break. I hate that I do it, but I can't seem to stop.

Idiosyncrasy the Fourth: Looking up words in the dictionary gives me a great deal of happiness. I put conversations on hold to look things up. I've spent more than an hour with my brother on the phone MORE THAN ONCE, talking about the words I'm looking up RIGHT THEN. I look them up to check spelling and definition, but mostly I look them up to find out where they came from and what they mean literally. I just looked up 'idiosyncracy' and was surprised to find out that I was spelling it wrong (along with most of the world, which makes me feel better). It's not spelled with two c's! Although, wouldn't it be really cool if it was spelled idiosyncrazy?!

Idiosyncrasy the Fifth: Although it doesn't STAY that way, when I first put on my bra each morning, it is upside-down, inside-out and back-to-front.

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now:** How Deep is YOUR Ocean?

*Yes, they are FOR ME. It's all about me. Memememememe!
**And not just because she said nice things about me, I swear.
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music: March Violets—Turn to the Sky

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I will send, but you must send in return! your email address and I will send you my posting info! so coool!

Please give me one word, any word (your favourite or funniest - you decide) and I will draw and write about your word. OK? : )
then send to you!

I am excited!

I will submit to Mosaic as well !

good day today *;p

I want a page about YOU. :)

Yay for excitement!


I'll never forget being in the Rockies by the Athabaska River & watching the Heavens just after our wedding.


Happy Belated Birthday, Liz, from a lurkity lurker! Will get doodling right away.


Yay! Thanks, you! and thanks for the birthday wishes, too!

Will be collaging you a page! :)

And happy belated birthday!!

Wheee!! and thank you! :)

Oh, heavens! I had your birthday written down on a piece of paper! (I have LJ birthdays bookmarked) and didn't see it on the tenth.

I'm sorry, and hope your birthday was wonderful.

You don't have to be sorry! :) It was a nice birthday, and thank you for your birthday wishes, however belated. :)


Oooh, fun project. I'll defintely send something, although it might take me a little while to get to it (visitors). I'd also like to submit something to mosaic minds but I might miss this cut-off. When's the next one?


Cool! There's no deadline :)

Next one is November 1st (deadline Oct 15) and the theme, if you want to write a feature, is "Yes/No/Maybe" :)


ooooo... thank you kindly for your indulgence! I know it was above and beyond the call of duty and kind of annoying too, so thank you, thank you thank you. And just for that, i'll promise you a page! Just don't expect it real soon, being as how I'm up to me arse in alligators and what not at the moment!

Adoringly as always.... Wee

p.s. do you subscribe to the Merriam-Webster word of the day? I do!!!!

I have in the past, although not at the moment. :) BUT I'm on that website at least once a day, often more ;)

Compulsive dictionary reader / looker-upper, here. I'm even worse with Dutch, unbelievably enough. While me and Mr. Webster have a fairly intimate friendship, Dhr. Van Dale and I are heated lovers.

I'm game for both the page and the Mosaic Minds entry. I'll get started on both.

woo hoo!! :D thanks, chickie!

Oh my god! We are SOOOO similar, it's scary!

*hug* I'll try to do you a page. :)

LOL! *smooch*

You do the bra thing too?? >:D

I would LOVE a page from you :)

I love your site!!!

I found it via california fever...and LOVE the idea of a community art project--and will totally send you some art! I also love the cats in your masthead. When I spent a year in Germany I saw lots of illustrations by that artist, and thought they were so quaint and funky. I haven't had time to peruse your site as much as I'd like but I will, because I've blogrolled you... (this decision was made after reading idiosyncrasy the 4th..I love to look up words in the dictionary too! So much.) So I'll be back... and I'll check out mosaic minds too.

Re: I love your site!!!

Why thank you very much! I'm thrilled you want to send me a page. And thanks for all the compliments :) :)


Homework?! Oh, the PRESSURE! (Hope your expectations aren't too high.) :) ~Marilyn

Hahahaha! No, I don't expect everyone to be Michelangelo! :P ANYTHING you choose to do would make me happy. I have a favor to ask of you, but I'll go ask on your blog, so you see it for sure.

Love the idiosyncrasies ... I'm totally with you on repetitive noises ones.

Love the idea of a friendship book ... but I'm no artist, I'll think about it :)

You don't HAVE to be an artist! Photos, doodles, collage, scribbles, anything would make me happy :)


Thanks for the link- I think it would make a perfect song for you to sing at John's wedding!!! Do it in German too!
I'll try to remember to do a page for you too!
Also I've noticed that your blogfriend, Dyvan writes wonderful poetry in her responses- has she submitted to Mosaic Minds? If not- you should bug her! And yes, I do read it, I just don't remember!
Love, Lizardmom

In German! Are you insane?! My German is so rusty Simone's family would laugh themselves sick if I attempted it. :D I'll hunt the song down and see if I can find a copy I can listen to.

And Dyvan is a he, not a she, and hopefully he'll consider it too, since he'll have seen this post :) I have several really good poets on my flist :)

I might be in the mood for some indulging. ;)

A happy happy belated birthday to you!!!

Thank you kindly, dear :)

As I was reading your idiosyncrasies, I was thinking that you were totally misspelling it! So I looked it up and discover you're right. Then you say you looked it up. So funny!

I will work my hardest on the assignment you gave us. ;)

Cool! And I laughed too at the spelling! I was SURE I was spelling it right, until I looked it up. Doh!

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