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I must admit that, while the jury's still out (obviously), there is something very appealing about the idea of reincarnation. The idea that we return after death for a new chance to learn lessons or right wrongs, or just to live again, is a hard one to deny ourselves. Especially if you are not convinced of the idea of heaven either, at least in its most popular conception of a place where only good Christians get to go. Reincarnation, quite literally, means rebirth, and it's assumed that the life lived before was in the linear past.

But if it's possible and really exists, what if it worked both ways? What if your previous life is in the FUTURE, and what you remember is a life not yet lived in time?

There are those who say they can remember their past lives, when they were a queen in ancient Egypt, or a healer of the Plains Indians, or a Greek slave. Why doesn't anyone think that the voices of the madmen, the prophets, those who just seem out of place and time, might be seeing THEIR past lives as well? Remembering a life lived in the future.

This might explain Nostradamus! Or Leonardo da Vinci with his flying machines...and all those people who were "ahead of their time." They had to put things in a language coherent to their life, the day, their culture, and what would be believed. Clairvoyance, the seeing eye, a glimpse of a life already lived, and when they were reborn to seek the next level of their karmic progression, instead of moving forward along the timeline, they moved backwards. Who's to say it isn't so?

Everyone thinks they were Cleopatra or Napoleon. What if Hitler was reborn as Genghis Khan? What if I died and was reborn as a Saxon peasant under King Richard I! Since it already happened, would it be legitimate to say it was happening again? Or will happen, or is yet to happen? All the stories of Merlin the magician make a point of noting that he lived his life backwards, without the benefit of reincarnation. He had all future knowledge and, apparently, no end.

If others existed who had some vague memories of a past life lived in the future, did that drive them to become inventors, or artists, or scientists, in order to be the ones who brought to life the things they "remembered" from the future? Perhaps they simply called such glimpses of memory "dreams" or "inspiration."

We like to think the universe proceeds in an orderly fashion, even with swarms of mayflies living only 3 days defying our idea of a point to all this. The funny thing is that maybe WE are all mayflies too, in the eyes of the universe, living for our brief blink in time, and propagating our kind upon the world, thinking and intuiting that there is some ulterior motive, some unguessed-at reasons for our existence and some plan. And maybe everything, including time, is random.

Anyway, it's fun to think about. I bet there's a book there, somewhere. Or, at least, a short story.

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wow...i can honestly say that i *never* thought of it that way. a good part of me believes that we have at least OTHER lives....past or future who knows. ive had a few incidents of 'ive been here before' in places ive never least in this life. for years i dreamed of going to boston but didnt know why...then i went there and for the first time in my life i didnt need or use a map because i just knew where to go. very weird but comforting in an odd way!

How interesting about what happened to you in Boston. I think it's fascinating how we're drawn to certain places or immediately feel at home there. Who's to say it's not to do with a past life?!

lives; around, before and more to come....
I truly believe that we have all been here, and will be again. (if we deserve to)
things we love but can't explain are traces of our lives from before...
I am sure we could chat for hours on this topic : )

nice post... food for thought : )

Definitely food for thought :)

OMG, so to speak. That's a brilliant thought!

I need to ponder this one.

All my thoughts about reincarnation, and never once did I think about a backwards and forwards timeline.

So interesting.

It's certainly fun to think about :)


Brilliant! You're a chip off the old block after all. :) What gets me about reincarnation is this: Why does no one ever remember just being a peasant? Every time my mother mentions her (many) past lives, she always thinks she was someone famous...and so do her friends. I love this post...definitely food for thought. :) ~Marilyn

The fruit doesn't fall very far from the tree! :P

I've thought about the concept of reincarnation A LOT. And I don't think I ever thought about it that way--though it makes sense to think about existence outside of the physical world as not being limited to linear time, doesn't it. I'm going to have to come back and read this post again. Such a cool thought!

My mom has a lot of books about reincarnation, so I've read a lot about it. I've always found it fascinating, even if I'm a bit of skeptic. :)


My dad passed away three years ago, but before he died, his life's work was that of exploring the 'spiritual world'--philosophy and anthroposophy (the work of Rudolf Steiner) so I too have grown up immersed in these ideas. Having been with him when he died, I would have to say that there IS something more to dying than just expiring. I do believe in spirit... though I'm incredibly skeptical of organized religion and all that it has represented in the world in the past (and present). Intolorance that springs from religious beliefs is frightening and totally frustrating to me...but I think the spiritual world is definitely something worthy of contemplation, though I'm still trying to figure out what I believe. I loved that you posted about it though. So refreshing. So few people take on those ideas...

Re: reincarnation

I agree with you completely on the frightening and frustrating aspects of the intolerance that springs from most religious beliefs. I find it very sad.

I've been thinking about reincarnation latley and I really hope we don't come back. Quite frankly, I'm exhausted...had enough!

I have a friend who is my partner in crime when it comes to the supernatural (we like to visit supposedly haunted places, seances, mediums, etc.). She had past regression by someone in California and none of her past lives were glamorous. That was interesting to hear since like you said, everyone thinks they are Cleopatra reincarnated.

Well, the odds are against it, of course. :P We can't ALL be the Queen of the Nile.

It's interesting that the Hindu concept of reincarnation is not viewed as an OPPORTUNITY but as a condemnation. It means you have not arrived at perfection in this lifetime and have to submit once again to the suffering and pain of being alive. What the Hindus want, is to transcend the "wheel of birth and death." That's Nirvana. Where you get to join the vast consciousness of the oversoul.


Well- this was interesting ----coming from you! :) The Quantum Physicists claim that there is no linear time- that it is something we make up to understand the concept of time- they say everything is happening all at once. SO all out past lives and future ones are happening right now. There's the concept that since everything is energy - we just use a small portion of it for each of these dimensions. I can't understand it myself!
As to the fact that everyone claims to have famous past lives..actually when people are regressed through hypnosis - they all have ordinary lives- and I can attest to that for me. The possibility is that the ones claiming all the famous lives are just accessing the archtype energy of a Cleopatra or example.
Thanks for the food for thought. ANd I especially recommend Michael Newton's "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls" - they will seem a bit too far out there for someone new to this idea- but everything he claims makes total sense if you have studied this subject. And a reminder- more people in the world believe in reincarnation than those Westerners that don't! :)
Love, Lizardmom

"coming from you" ...what was THAT supposed to mean??

Wow, this is very thought-provoking post. Lizardmom's comment shed a little more light and isn't it mind-boggling to think about time? But I love the idea that we could move forward and backward in time - it really would explain a LOT, especially with the being reborn backward.

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