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Damned Aggravating: Having the power go out at midnight, and holybatcave batman, it's DARK in here. Fumbling my way through the house to the far end of the laundry room only to find that ALL FOUR of the flashlights are dead as doornails. Even with new batteries (fumbled back to the kitchen, fumbled from the fridge, fumbled into the stupid dead flashlights)...DEAD DEAD DEAD DEAD. #¤"%¤#!

Double-Damned Aggravating: Leaving the stupid dead flashlights on the kitchen table and fumbling my way to the cabinet where the matches are kept only to realize with my fumbling fingers that there ARE NO MATCHES. WTF?! It is a LAW in this house to write used-up items on the shopping list IMMEDIATELY to avoid just such scenarios as this. #¤!½%&!!


I can't believe how much I did today. My neck and back are aching, and since Anders is gone again to drop off the trailer, after arriving about an hour ago from his 4-day motorcycle weekend, I doubt I'll get a neckrub. 2 loads of laundry, 1 load of dishes, weeding in the front flowerbeds, watering the plants, 3 meals for the kids and myself, plus 2 extra dinner meals made to take to Angie & Kristian this week. Kristian starts chemo tomorrow...they found out Friday that his lymphoma is a rare and aggressive kind and now we're all worried again. :(

The kids and I also COMPLETELY cleaned both of their rooms, moving furniture, emptying boxes of toys for sorting and pitching, vacuuming EVERYWHERE, lengthening both beds, as well as stripping, washing and re-making them. Their rooms are cleaner than they've been since we moved in, I think, and they were both VERY helpful during the whole process: helping to pick things up, put them away, running back and forth like little cleaning automatons, it was great!

We watched the original Dr. Dolittle movie last night, the one with Rex Harrison. Martin's comment: "I don't think that big pink snail is really real." Karin's comment: "Are they going to sing AGAIN???!"

I also did some searching on Blocket today and found a Poang chair to replace our collapsing one, AND possibly, one of the huge trampolines that we keep dithering about buying or not buying, both for half the price! Woot!
mood: exhausted


Klaas can get really agro too when there is a sort of emergency and he needs something really bad and he can't find it immediately. He says that he has to be able to open the kitchen cabinet and grab it without even looking. I think that is a bit stupid in his case, but he is just very precise in these things. I do however understand that you needed those matches!

I love a good clean, makes me feel reborn.

Your kids were coo-operative and helpful and helped you clean? What is your secret?

Death threats and duct tape. :P

Hee! Actually, I explained to them beforehand that if they helped me then THEY could help make the decisions on what got pitched or not. If they DIDN'T help me, then I could pitch what I wanted. It worked! I gave them breaks, too, including a long one inbetween for playing outside in the pool. :)

Oh I have done that "you help or mommy gets rid of toys thing"- I had mixed results. Maybe I need to revisit it.

Its midnight. It's dark. And you have a power blackout.

Do you:

(A) go looking for a torch.
(b) go to bed.
(c) build a large bonfire and celebrate some forgotten viking saint's birthday by drinking fiery clear alcoholic liquids of scandanavian origin while dancing around said bonfire.

Me I tend to roll over and just go back to sleep. Knowing at some time during the night the clock radio will wake me, or the sound of the house alarm re-arming......

Yes, but it was Saturday night and I was playing on the computer and I wasn't done yet and I wasn't tired yet and I wasn't READY to go to bed yet.

Oh okay...I guess it isn't a school night....but don't blame me if your tired in the morning...we don't want a moody person do we!! ;)


You're putting the rest of us to shame! :) Sorry about the bad news about your friend. ~Marilyn

hey superwoman! way to go, i am very impressed miss productivity! yah for superliz! and great getting the kids to help, you are a genius.

i keep lighters by every major candle location in the house, cause in a black out i cannot find anything!

Mobile phone flashlight

Last time there was a power failure at midnight, I was also looking for matches or a lighter. I barely own a flashlight, so I used my mobile phone which lights up quite a lot when you press a key! It was about enough to see where I was going and cast some light into the cabinets. A few minutes later the power came back, and on the next shopping trip I bought both matches and some cheap lighters.

Re: Mobile phone flashlight

they're on my shopping list. I did think about my mobile phone actually, but guess what? In keeping with the theme of the evening, the batteries were dead. ARGH!

Holy smokes, you did a lot today! Way to go! (Sounds pretty frustrating, though, with the flashlights and the power outage and all.)

Well, that part was the night before the big clean, so it was okay. :)

Poang chair?

Wow Liz. You accomplished ALOT. I keep waking up thinking I'm gonna have a day like that, and then the heat saps me. We have been having a heat wave for about a month. Seriously HOT.

I wish. Heat is not something we really ever are concerned with here in Sweden. *rolls eyes* It was nice today, though! Sunny, even!

Poang is the name of a chair from IKEA. there are actually dots over the a, but I was lazy and didn't put them in. :)

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