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I worked until 9:20 p.m. tonight. But you don't have to feel sorry for me because I left at 12:15 earlier in the day and went home to have lunch and pick up the kids (releasing Anders to go to work) and then went to Angie's to hang out for a couple of hours, and then after dinner I went back to work at 6 p.m., because jeez louise do I have a lot to do, and I can't get it done when there are 42 million people coming in asking me if they could please, please? just add one, just one? thing to my to-do list.

Or you can feel sorry for me. That would work for me, too.

Big Happy Shout-Out to lurkity lurker Kerstin from Västerås who sent me the VERY FIRST PAGE for my friends-art-book. Yay Kerstin! You are pretty and sweet and your page was NOT ugly, and I'm thrilled and delighted by it and your letter and you (and your sambo and your kitty are adorable!). And I know exactly how you feel about not wanting to write in English, I feel the same way most of the time about writing in Swedish, even though I do it occasionally over at Stavfel. Thank you!

Because work (and rabbits) are consuming my brain lately, I have nothing fun to write about. The leaves of one of the trees in the yard next to ours are starting to turn red around the edges, which leads me to believe that it's true: Summer has left the building. Not that Summer was ever IN THE BUILDING TO BEGIN WITH. 2 weeks does NOT a summer make, especially when I was not in the building myself to enjoy them.

Oh! I did get my belated birthday present from my sister...AND my Christmas present, which she neglected to write on in big letters DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS or, in fact, anything at all to remind me that it was NOT part of my birthday present, and so of course I ripped them both right open, and woot! DVD evenings ahead! Thanks, Sarah! I already watched I Capture the Castle and except for Henry Thomas, who was just all wrong (also, ew, could he be more baby-faced?), it was lovely and I thought it did a good job of following the book.

So Cute!: Korean Photoshop-Playing With Food (click through the whole set, they just get better and better! I especially love this one! OH! and THIS ONE!)

Now THIS is a Great Idea!: Innovative Way to Promote Tolerance
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It looks like summer here. But we are in Winter.

Guess we are going to have this cool summer, then have a Summer summer..... :)

wow. That must be an interesting library. You live in a happenin' place Girl! ~referring to the promotion of tolerance idea~


oj, tack :)

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