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I'm going to assume the lack of comments lately means you're all busy working on your pages. You are, aren't you? Working on your pages?



The in-laws called yesterday. They want to take the kids tomorrow night (Thursday) and keep them until Saturday. I boggle at their generosity. Am I a bad mom for the first thought passing through my mind was WOO! SLEEP IN! Just wondering, but not really caring, because WOOHOO!


I begin to think this week, this month, will never end. It's like a wave pulling at me, tumbling me along. I'm still paddling gamely, but my arms are starting to hurt.

Sleep swells in me, it batters at my eyelids, and pulls them down, holds them closed. Small swirls of aching pain trace electric lightning across the insides of my eyelids. I open them again, but they're a drag to raise. If I press on my eyes, through my eyelids, I can feel them giving in, going under, softly receding. The sky is clear, the air as well. I'll keep the window open tonight to bring in breezes. Sleepy nighttime breezes, whiffling the grasses. An airliner high overhead grooves a lullaby line across the sky. I leave behind a frenzied day, an angry day, a day of hectic hopping, a day of do-overs. I put my head in my hands and that jumping bean, my brain, moves under my fingers. It's trying to get out. Rubbing vigorously, I soothe it to rest.
mood: tired
music: Helen Sjöholm—Hårgalåten

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That last paragraph, that one about sleep and eyes being heavy and breezes through the window onto the bed...that paragraph...yeah, exactly.

I've been thinking about 'the page' for a few days...stirring some ideas around. I'm not the crafty type so its been a challenge! But its fun!

Get some sleep...good, good sleep. :)

I don't know what's up with the not sleeping so well lately. I'll have to try again tonight. :)


I start back tomorrow, I certainly hope I get the same thrill from working as you without the end of day exhaustion. As for the page........ Well I do take after my family!!! You might get it if you come home for Thanksgiving! : ) Love Beeg Leetle Seester

It sounds like you really need some rest Liz. If we will see a next entry with just "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii: we will know that you fell asleep with your nose on the "i" of your keyboard ;o) Maybe the inlaws see that you need a little break.

hahahaha! that would make me laughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Hiya, I've been reading, just not commenting much these days....
"Sleepy nighttime breezes, whiffling the grasses. An airliner high overhead grooves a lullaby line across the sky." I love the way you describe things.

Hi you. Thanks :) I'm usually reading and not always commenting, too. Being tired and grumpy brings out the need for comfort in me.

Does it count as working on the pages if we're still in the thinking/planning stages?


Yessiree! I promise not to nag. :P

*giggle* is that a snoozing watermelon in your userpic? *snort*
so, um, yeah. i'm reading you, sometimes skimming of late because i'm busier right now, but i'm here!

i have required more sleep of late, so i identify, man.

It is indeed a snoozing watermelon! Or my brain on drugs. You decide. :P

And I LOVE your userpic!

I have been away from my 'puter helping little child prepare for school. She went today and LOVED it ;)

I'm so glad! I was wrong by the way, I was thinking our kids started yesterday, but they start Monday! Another sign my brain is overloaded.

I'm reading, though I have at least 400 CDs to put in a music database. Fun fun.

I find it fascinating how addictive blog replies are :) It's all about relativity. I am rapt to get four responses and then I look at you and nine responses is 'quiet' and cause for comment :) But I guess relative to what you're used to it's small ... it's a funny thing ... but no, I'm not working on my page :P I will ... maybe ... one day ... :)


Tired and grumpy brings out the need for validation in me, I admit it. And it IS addicting. Scarily so.

Sure everyone has already said it, but I second it, or seventeenth it!

That last paragraph is great. Lyrically it re-sounds in the mind of the reader :)

Thanks :)

hello! i'm here, just really doped up on morphine right now...

i bet your page is going to be interesting!! :-)

1] trying to keep up on reading, but not posting or commenting much because of cutting my computer time short lately {my daughter was here!! and other adventures and non adventures} I still love you :) and will try to comment more soon
2]if you are a bad mom for thinking sleeping in, then bad mom is the norm ~~ what about bad spouse? aren't we supposed to think sex when the inlaws take the kids? just a thought from not a spouse and not a kids at home mom {trying to make my comment longer *chuckle*}
3]great descriptive post. Again
4]thanks liz
5]what page? did I miss something between the camping trip and the etc etc....?

I was tired and grumpy yesterday, so you have to promise not to mind me :)

And yes, you did miss something! Go back and read the post from August 12th :)

Lack of comments? Could you possibly be whining? :) And I AM working on my page for you, by the way! Plus, since you wrote that depressing post about summer being out the door, I suddenly noticed it was getting cooler HERE TOO. And so I'm trying to be outside all day long in the sun, soaking it up, waiting for the glorious crispness of fall and curious about what winter will be like in this new northern city I've moved to.

Your writing style, by the way, is sometimes just exactly like how my thoughts go in my head. Fun to read because of that.

Heh. You caught me. Not whining exactly, but it sure does seem quiet around these here parts lately. :D I was so tired yesterday that my usual relentless cheer was definitely dampened. We're in a fog hole today, and it seems my office is in the epicenter. It's totally white outside my window.


I slept yesterday from 9:30pm until 7am - like a rock.
just thought I would let you know.

Ill get that personal page to you right after I update MY journal, and edit my mountain hiking photos, oh and post my corsica photos, oh and post my german ones from when you where here. and after I create world peace, (I cant help but think of Whirled peas when I write that.) Have a baby and the other things on my to do list.


Re: Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

A BABY?!!! has the wedding been moved up?!

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