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I'm going to assume the lack of comments lately means you're all busy working on your pages. You are, aren't you? Working on your pages?



The in-laws called yesterday. They want to take the kids tomorrow night (Thursday) and keep them until Saturday. I boggle at their generosity. Am I a bad mom for the first thought passing through my mind was WOO! SLEEP IN! Just wondering, but not really caring, because WOOHOO!


I begin to think this week, this month, will never end. It's like a wave pulling at me, tumbling me along. I'm still paddling gamely, but my arms are starting to hurt.

Sleep swells in me, it batters at my eyelids, and pulls them down, holds them closed. Small swirls of aching pain trace electric lightning across the insides of my eyelids. I open them again, but they're a drag to raise. If I press on my eyes, through my eyelids, I can feel them giving in, going under, softly receding. The sky is clear, the air as well. I'll keep the window open tonight to bring in breezes. Sleepy nighttime breezes, whiffling the grasses. An airliner high overhead grooves a lullaby line across the sky. I leave behind a frenzied day, an angry day, a day of hectic hopping, a day of do-overs. I put my head in my hands and that jumping bean, my brain, moves under my fingers. It's trying to get out. Rubbing vigorously, I soothe it to rest.
mood: tired
music: Helen Sjöholm—Hårgalåten


Heh. You caught me. Not whining exactly, but it sure does seem quiet around these here parts lately. :D I was so tired yesterday that my usual relentless cheer was definitely dampened. We're in a fog hole today, and it seems my office is in the epicenter. It's totally white outside my window.

Fog, huh? Reminds me of growing up in northern California. We had fog EVERYDAY it seemed, from August to May (that's right, that is what I meant to say!) You could never figure out what to wear because the fog would always burn off later and it would be unexpectedly whatever--rainy, hot, freezing... BUT...all that is to say I totally know how glum it can be. Cheerup!

Tack tack :) I was much better today (until getting totally pissed off at my husband). It does that a lot here too: fog in the morning and then a big surprise one way or the other :) It turned out BEAUTIFUL today.

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