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I thought about writing a big ol ranty rant but, no.

I thought about writing a scholarly treatise on a subject about which I know much and you know little, just to enlighten the world a little bit but, no.

I thought about writing a zany, knee-slappingly funny anecdote (true story! WAHAHAHA!) but, no.

I was going to give you a blow-by-blow account of how my day went from a bad start to a crazy center, gooey like a cream-filled chocolate, only not nearly as good, to movingatthespeedoflight to crisis center action to okay I can't do anything about this until tomorrow morning when the guy who knows how to fix it might be at work but, alas, no.

I was going to tell the truth about one of my deep, dark secrets but well, no.

I was going to regale you with the moving and tender account of my baby girl's very first day at school, but since she told me I could go after 5

Why, you ask? Why, oh WHY, would I not be able to write about any of these things?


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crap! I can't see the painting!

Oh, and happy first day of school to Karin! (She is secretly the one I really want to come over and babysit. Okay, both of them. But Karin has my heart!) I hope it was a great day for her. And Martin - well, I think his face is really cute. Beaux makes dumb faces all the TIME and he's 26 - I don't think there's anything to be done about it, my dear.

And yes, you can phone it in these days. I love it.

I'm laughing, right now, because your post was THAT FUNNY. I'm alone in my office. The fan is going. No one's around. But I'm laughing. Out loud. Rabbits ate my brain. I love it. Now as to mr. Martin... second graders are famous for their rediculous expressions. Especially boys. You have to tell them a joke while taking the picture, and the joke preferably has to do with one or more of the following: 1) poop, 2)farts,or 3) poop & farts. He'll be giggling in no time.

LOL! Glad I could make you laugh :) I bet I don't even have to TELL him a joke...I bet I can just SAY "poop and farts" ! That ought to do it, alright! :D

you're right, "poop & farts" works nicely! but we warned, he'll grin first, and then make the most embarrassed look ever when he discovers that "holy crap, his MOM just said POOP AND FARTS", making it even more worth it!

cute kid alert! they are so adorable. couldn't see the drawing cause my computer is on the fritz. i'll try again another time...
congrats on first day of school fun!

Methinks I should have a go at photographing those wiggly kids o' yours! I'm going to mail you privately but we are thinking of a day trip to Malmö, Köpenhamn or Helsingborg. Or maybe an over-nighter (but we don't know yet). Anyway, perhaps you could tell me some dates you KNOW you'll be home in the evening and we could stop by?? Finally?? Can we make this happen? (and yes, I know up till now it's all been my fault that it hasn't yet happened)

Whaddya think?

Hey there!! That would be so cool. I asked Anders about it, and he said, "if they want to sleep in the playroom that's fine with me" >:D And then he made me promise to tell you we can't afford to buy 1000-kronor prints no matter how great a photographer you are. :P

Anyway, Are you planning for a weekend? If so, here's what's open right now in September: any Friday, Saturday or Sunday EXCEPT the 16, 17, 18, or 25.

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