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I thought about writing a big ol ranty rant but, no.

I thought about writing a scholarly treatise on a subject about which I know much and you know little, just to enlighten the world a little bit but, no.

I thought about writing a zany, knee-slappingly funny anecdote (true story! WAHAHAHA!) but, no.

I was going to give you a blow-by-blow account of how my day went from a bad start to a crazy center, gooey like a cream-filled chocolate, only not nearly as good, to movingatthespeedoflight to crisis center action to okay I can't do anything about this until tomorrow morning when the guy who knows how to fix it might be at work but, alas, no.

I was going to tell the truth about one of my deep, dark secrets but well, no.

I was going to regale you with the moving and tender account of my baby girl's very first day at school, but since she told me I could go after 5

Why, you ask? Why, oh WHY, would I not be able to write about any of these things?


First Day of School (ever) for Karin and First Day of 2nd Grade for Martin

*Although, not miniscule in how much the person or persons represented in this pixelated simulacrum MEAN to me, just in the noteworthiness of this otherwise unsubstantial and sub-standard journal entry which I am perfectly aware, if otherwise unrepentant, is the equivalent of phoning it in. I pray your forgiveness. And will someone PLEASE tell me how to get Martin to stop making that goofball face when he's being photographed?
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It's been said before, and it will be said again, but Lizardek, you have such cute kids!

Glad to hear the Karin embraced her first day of school in her usual cool as a cat fashion. Martin certainly looks like he was looking forward to returning.

I'm slowly getting nervous for my first day. What a responsibility to have kindergarteners for their absolute first day of school! Yikes, can't think about that too much. Let's just hope they're all as relaxed about it as Karin.

You're going to do awesome! The kids are going to love you. I'm not so sure about Stephen's teacher this year, but we'll see.... :P

Thanks for the vote of confidence, cottontimer. :)
I think I have too much time alone lately, which is causing me to get restless and think too much.
Must be exciting for you with Stephen starting school!

Getting Stephen started in school is going to be quite an experience! Not sure I'm all that excited about the hassles involved. hehe

They all seemed pretty relaxed to me, even the kids who were totally new to Flyinge :)

Good to hear.

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