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Interesting but tiring thing about today: All day off-site global marketing meeting (another day full tomorrow)

Great thing about today: Surprise fika in the afternoon was 1 quart each of 5 different Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors! Mmmmm!

Drag thing about today: the shit weather, which my brother DELIBERATELY jinxed us with

Pass-it-on nice thing about today: 3 compliments on the purple-lady-triangle brooch that galestorm made for me

Sweet thing about today: making it home in time to see my kids before bedtime with their spraypainted hair and giant "just-been-to-the-circus" grins

Crud thing about today: the nausea and upset stomach I've had all afternoon. I'm in the midst of the horrid dilemma of whether or not to just throw up already and feel better or tough it out. bleah
mood: sick
music: the filter bubbling in the fish tank

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Your brother is mean. Why would he do a thing like that?

I didn't know you could get Ben and Jerry's in Sweden. Cool. Hmmmm. . now I need some Vienetta. I used to eat that in Sweden, but I don't think I've ever seen it here since moving back.

Hope you feel better. I would send you some Tums, but I'm hording them. They are one of the only things that make life bearable these days. I can send you some after a certain October event.

3 places in Malmö sell it now, but only 5 flavors (Cherry Garcia, Piece of Cake, Dublin Mudslide, Cookie Dough, and something Fudge Chunk something I can't remember). That's the first time I've had it since it arrived last year. :)

I could do with a surprise fika like that!

Sorry you're not feeling so hot (I'm assuming it's unrelated to ice cream consumption? ;) ) ... hope you're doing better soon!

thanks. One of the other girls was sick to her stomach last night, and I wasn't the only one feeling queasy today either, so I'm really hoping it won't be an ugly night :(

I was wondering who to blame for the crappy weather! now I know!

sorry you are sick! hope you feel better soon.

and do we have pictures of the spraypainted hair little ones?

thanks, and sadly, no. I wasn't feeling well enough to think about it and now they're in bed.

I vote that you skip the throwing up and just go straight to feeling better. :-(

Me, too. Gas-X has helped a bit, but I still feel queasy. :/

Does a gentle belly rub help you a bit or does it want to make you want to throw up even more?

Sorry your illin. I don't know what a fika is, but if it involves ice cream, can I have one?

LOL! It usually involves coffee and some sort of sweet thing, like a cookie or cake. We just got extra lucky!

tempted to ask what the offsite global marketing was about....but...

as a weather god your brother has to show SOME restraint....bored with the warm/hot weather does not mean cause such extensive rain as to cause massive floods....

say do you do this sitting around the dinner table with the children,...good thing, bad thing, thing I could have done better???

It was the first chance for our relatively new-as-a-team marketing department to meet all the regional marketing managers and get their feedback and wishlists. :)

And no, I don't sit with the kids at the dinner table and ask them that, but I might have to try it and see what kind of response I get!

The other night I overindulged with Italian food, and so yes, I have some TUMS for you. Rolaids were not doing it for me, so I bought this huge roll of berry flavored TUMS. That with some water, and I was a MUCH happier, not-feeling-like-I-was-dying-from-a-heart-attack-at-26 person.

I hope you feel better soon, sweet liz!

Actually, Tums don't always help me either. I used to swear by Di-Gel, but then they stopped making it, so now I swear by Gas-X instead. They don't have ANYTHING chewable here in Sweden, so I have to import all such things.

Tums tu-tum tum tum. I would always eat the pink ones.

I jinxed you with the bad weather. It's always bad when I'm off from work.

Aggg! I had to delete this and add...

GET BETTER!! ( I personally vote for looking into the porcelain god and see what happens. If it was meant to be, you'll hurl).

ew! thankfully, it never reached that point. :) I feel back to normal today.

I hate stomach aches. Yuck. Hope you feel better tomorrow! And I LOVE going to the circus. I wish you'd taken pictures of those two with their hair and grins. So adorable.

weather god!!!!

thats right, I am mean. and as a weather god, you better watch it or Ill send katrina up there to wreak some havoc as soon as I am done pushing here across Florida!

Oh, and it is still raining here....
More rain to come for you as there is a big whirly mass of moisture swooping down from the north atlantic. (not my fault, I ordered the rain to go to other people, I swear.)


Well don't let lizardbro send it our way. Things are perfect as they are. Cools off at night these days and warm, 80s in the middle of the day.

Sounds heavenly :)


Oh, and I'd send Tums, but you probably wouldn't need them anymore by the time they arrived.


Okay, what's a fika?? ~Marilyn

It's a Swedish word that has no real English essentially means a coffee break, but it can also mean the cake or cookies or whatever you actually INGEST DURING the break :)

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