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Interesting but tiring thing about today: All day off-site global marketing meeting (another day full tomorrow)

Great thing about today: Surprise fika in the afternoon was 1 quart each of 5 different Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors! Mmmmm!

Drag thing about today: the shit weather, which my brother DELIBERATELY jinxed us with

Pass-it-on nice thing about today: 3 compliments on the purple-lady-triangle brooch that galestorm made for me

Sweet thing about today: making it home in time to see my kids before bedtime with their spraypainted hair and giant "just-been-to-the-circus" grins

Crud thing about today: the nausea and upset stomach I've had all afternoon. I'm in the midst of the horrid dilemma of whether or not to just throw up already and feel better or tough it out. bleah
mood: sick
music: the filter bubbling in the fish tank


The other night I overindulged with Italian food, and so yes, I have some TUMS for you. Rolaids were not doing it for me, so I bought this huge roll of berry flavored TUMS. That with some water, and I was a MUCH happier, not-feeling-like-I-was-dying-from-a-heart-attack-at-26 person.

I hope you feel better soon, sweet liz!

Actually, Tums don't always help me either. I used to swear by Di-Gel, but then they stopped making it, so now I swear by Gas-X instead. They don't have ANYTHING chewable here in Sweden, so I have to import all such things.

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