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  • Finally having a chance to get caught up on LJ/blogs/emails

  • Getting the AWC website/newsletter finished, put together and sent for proofreading

  • Sleeping in until 9:30 a.m.

  • Going grocery shopping and finding a unexpected huge shelf of American products at a store I rarely patronize

  • Finding a 4-meter trampoline on the internet for 1/2 the price and listening to the shrieks of joy coming from the backyard

  • A blue and white cloud-streaked sky, sunshine, a breeze. Late summer greens, a veritable palette of different shades: sage, olive, beige, avocado, silvery-grey-green, purple-tipped.

  • A vase full of white lilies, pink roses, white strawflowers, green berries and several other flowers whose names I do not know

  • Eating a chocolate fudge Pop-Tart for a mid-afternoon snack

  • Finding out that Kristian does NOT have Burkitt's Lymphoma, which was initially feared, but a "regular aggressive" sort, and that the prognosis is good, at this point

  • Thawing crayfish and crayfish tails in preparation for a Swedish crayfish party with friends tonight

  • A new Smithsonian magazine in the mail, even though 1 article is about the decline in shark populations all over the world due to overfishing, territory encroachment and human predation, 1 article is about global warming due mostly to human factors, and the effect on the rapidly disappearing glaciers, and another article is about the mountainous increase in e-waste, including scrapped computers, peripherals, electronics and mobile phones which have toxic components. Why can't we, as humans, treat our planet with respect and care?

  • NO plans whatsoever tomorrow
A Very Big Pile of Bubbly Birthday Wishes to wavebreaker!
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In a delightful list, my favorite:

A blue and white cloud-streaked sky, sunshine, a breeze. Late summer greens, a veritable palette of different shades: sage, olive, beige, avocado, silvery-grey-green, purple-tipped.

I nearly ran off the road because I was paying more attention to the scenery than my driving! :O

OH what a day! and a lovely and inspiring list. I hope I do as well, but me thinks the time to catch up on LJ may not come 'til the 'morrow...

ps. I love yesterday's new icon...

Thanks! I have been having a ball playing with new icons now that I can have 100!!


Oooh, oooh, where'd you find the trampoline? I'm planning on getting one as well!

Blocket. There were a ton priced around 900 kronor down in our area...end of summer, you know :)

Thank you!

Can I have a go on the trampoline?? Just to prove I'm still young?? ;-)

Of course! You'll have to shove my children off it if you want a turn, though :D

A new Smithsonian magazine in the mail

Yeah, I noticed that "theme", too - so skipped to the story about the field in Germany where they think the battle was fought to turn back the Romans. Somehow, seems a little sad that a story about invasions and guerrila warfare would be more palatable to me than more proof of the damage humans are doing to the planet. ::Sigh.:: I guess it's all easier to take when it's something that happened a long time ago instead of going on all around you day in and day out.

Anyway, sounds like today's a bit better for you :).

Forgot to say glad :) you got a trampoline, sad :( I sold mine but glad :) I got the $$

bits and bobs

I was so enjoying the post (lingering on the flower description,natch) but then the harsh reality encapsulated in the mention of e-waste etc, brought me down. Sigh. But being an ostrich doesn't help-- so thanks for the reminder. And, Mandinka? I don't know it-- do you love it? I love Sinead . . bluepoppy

Re: bits and bobs

I know...I almost didn't add it in, but you're right, being an ostrich doesn't help at all. And yes, Mandinka is actually one of my favorites.


Glad to hear the good prognosis about your friend. I think I've slept in till 9:30 maybe TWICE in the last decade...and both times, I felt like I'd just emerged from one of those Swiss clinics where they replace all your blood or something. Revitalized, I mean. :) ~Marilyn

They can replace ALL your blood?! whoa!

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