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  • Finally having a chance to get caught up on LJ/blogs/emails

  • Getting the AWC website/newsletter finished, put together and sent for proofreading

  • Sleeping in until 9:30 a.m.

  • Going grocery shopping and finding a unexpected huge shelf of American products at a store I rarely patronize

  • Finding a 4-meter trampoline on the internet for 1/2 the price and listening to the shrieks of joy coming from the backyard

  • A blue and white cloud-streaked sky, sunshine, a breeze. Late summer greens, a veritable palette of different shades: sage, olive, beige, avocado, silvery-grey-green, purple-tipped.

  • A vase full of white lilies, pink roses, white strawflowers, green berries and several other flowers whose names I do not know

  • Eating a chocolate fudge Pop-Tart for a mid-afternoon snack

  • Finding out that Kristian does NOT have Burkitt's Lymphoma, which was initially feared, but a "regular aggressive" sort, and that the prognosis is good, at this point

  • Thawing crayfish and crayfish tails in preparation for a Swedish crayfish party with friends tonight

  • A new Smithsonian magazine in the mail, even though 1 article is about the decline in shark populations all over the world due to overfishing, territory encroachment and human predation, 1 article is about global warming due mostly to human factors, and the effect on the rapidly disappearing glaciers, and another article is about the mountainous increase in e-waste, including scrapped computers, peripherals, electronics and mobile phones which have toxic components. Why can't we, as humans, treat our planet with respect and care?

  • NO plans whatsoever tomorrow
A Very Big Pile of Bubbly Birthday Wishes to wavebreaker!
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