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Anders took the car in to the shop this morning and it was only 349 kronor to fix the warning light problem, although the guy said there was no guarantee it wouldn't come back on again sometime. But it was 1.5 years since it happened last, so we'll keep our fingers crossed...or thumbs held...or whatever.

Got 2 fun projects to do today at work, layout for a full page ad, and a website banner ad to design. Much better than dicking around in a business intelligence database trying to figure out how to run reports, or working on the intranet migration.

Update to good things This made me happy to see today: Amina Lawal Stoning Sentence Overturned

We get paid today! woo hoo


I'm listening to Indigo Girl's singing Crazy Game, which is one of my favorite songs, and one that I recorded myself several years ago, aaah that brings back the memories. I still have the master I made. The total recording session was for 5 songs, and 2 of them were duets with my friend Sharon who sings soprano. She sang at my wedding. The tape was a Christmas present to my family members. Emily just asked me for a copy of it the other day, so it's been on my mind a lot lately. My voice is in such horrible condition nowadays after not singing for so many years, plus having dislocated my jaw doesn't help any (and no smart remarks from the peanut gallery, thanks). Choir is certainly helping, but I have a ways to go to get back to that state of being where I can just burst into song any time and anywhere. :) Why is it one gets so much more self-conscious as one ages?
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LOL! :) like I said, I'm pretty rusty nowadays. BUT if someday I can get to meet you, and go to one of your classes, then you can probably hear me sing :) if my self-consciousness doesn't overwhelm me, haha!

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