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There wasn't going to be a lot of action today...the plan was to sleep in, vegetate, navel contemplation, reading, web surfing. Since we didn't get to sleep until after 3 a.m., I at least managed the sleeping in part...and reading and web surfing almost always manage to get squeezed in somehow. But before brief_therapy could catch me I had already started a load of laundry and run the dishwasher for the first of 2 times. In addition, the printed version of the AWC newsletter, plus Tuesday's meeting program and calendar handout are finished, and I had a lesson in creating the photo album webpages from our web support (Hi Russell!) in Sydney, which was fun because I don't get to talk to them very often, even though we chat online every now and then. And I emptied wastebaskets and watered plants and swiped the bathroom down and stripped and made the beds. Cleaning the refrigerator will have to wait until tomorrow.

The thing is, it sounds like a lot, but when you do it at your OWN pace, with NO interruptions beyond the ones you make for yourself, it's EASY to get things done. The trick, at least for me, is to just do it. No waiting, no procrastination, just do it. And then it's done and you can rest or nap or read or play or wrestle with the kids. There's always something to do, and always something waiting. I'd rather get it over with than let it pile up and loom over me. And if I count the reading and the napping and the playing with the kids as equally important, instead of something I'm doing INSTEAD, why then it's more fun to do things as the impulse strikes or opportunity occurs.


I was going to grab a particularly cool photo of Karin bouncing on the trampoline and post it for you, but it turns out that she took the camera outside this afternoon to take photos of Martin and 2 friends bouncing, left it outside and it has subsequently disappeared completely. Anders is outside with a flashlight hunting and I'm inside fuming. It's times like this when it's a good thing that you aren't allowed to beat your children. ARGH


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