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First meeting of the AWC on Tuesday and it was ELECTRIC! 7-8 completely new faces, a great guest speaker, and warm welcomes and greetings all around the room. I am really glad since we lost a lot of active people over the summer. It looks like my plan for shedding some responsibility worked as well, and the editor position is going to be filled by someone else for at least a year. :)

First choir practice tonight and I'm flying :) We have THIRTY-SIX songs to learn between now and October 13th. Thankfully, several of them are golden oldies and beloved chestnuts that makes it a little easier, including several in English: Goodnight Sweetheart, Where Have All the Flowers Gone, Down in the River to Pray, Isn't She Lovely, Pie Jesu, What a Wonderful World, Time to Say Goodbye and Amazing Grace in Swedish.

Because work is still insane and I've been gone 2 nights in a row this is about as much as I'm up for at the moment. More to come soon, I promise, if I can just. grab. a second...

So much to do, and so damn little time to do it!

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: What If

Big Bear Hug Thank You to kejn whose lovely page of beautiful August-in-Sweden photos arrived today for my friends-art-book! Whee! Keep 'em coming!!

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes to girlinthemoon! Sorry I missed posting on your day!
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I'm SO glad I went to that meeting. It was so great to see so many familiar faces - I hadn't realized how many people I actually knew! And it had been such a LONG time since I was able to sit for two hours just hearing English, English, English.

The guest speaker has had me thinking all day long - a post is brewing about some of her thoughts...

And I'm going RIGHT NOW to the AWC website to pay my dues. RIGHT. NOW.

(PS - I'm not even going to make any jokes about the fact that I was sitting two seats away from you and watched you sitting there MAKING LISTS.)

Lists? Who, me? Those weren't LISTS! Those were...NOTES! Yes, notes. Of


THanks for "What If" ~~ wow, what a great story~~

THIRTY-SIX!!?? No kidding. Sweet!! enjoy that singin'

sorry I missed the meeting. Seems it went well. I was actually running a fever! ouch! all this cold wind and warm days is messing with my immune system.

sorry you're feeling sick, and hope you feel better soon. I was kind of wondering where you were! The meeting was great and I hope it bodes well for this coming year. :)

You sound very busy, very much living. :)

My head is about to fly off, though, from all the spinning!

~cough~ I shoudl probably not point this out - but the children will be verily impressed with this, and ask "Mom, do it again!!!" head spins to a stop in some corner, and leans against a convienent bookcase.

Please note: When reapplying head, eyes to the front, not back - unless you want to catch the kids being sneaky behind your back!!

Thanks for sharing the good writing link. What GREAT writing! And I'm in awe that you sing. I've always wanted to, but my older sister who was "the" musician in our house always glowered at me when I now I only sing silly songs to Bean all day long.

LOL! I wish your sister hadn't done that. There's nothing so therapeutic and soul-cleansing as singing. I'm glad you sing to Bean though. I sang and still sing to my kids all the time even though I get a lot of rolling eyes nowadays. :D

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You have NO idea :)

You need to get someone to record these choir concerts, so that we can enjoy them long-distance; the program sounds wonderful. ;-)

i swear time had just taken off at light speed. so much to do, so incredibly little time. that is great with all the new songs! i hope i manage to make it to one of your concerts this year (remember, i am stalking you oh so secretly...) i keep thinking i would love to join awc, but cannot find the time for anything right now. where did all this hectic-ness come from!?!?! argh!

I don't know, but when you find out be sure to tell me so I can SEND SOME BACK!

I really enjoyed Tuesdays meeting and it was wonderful to see you again Liz! Sorry I couldn´t stay for a bit of a chat but I will be joining AWC and I am sure we will be able to catch up at another meeting. Like Geena I was pleasantly surprised by the number of familiar faces I knew, and even happier to know that I will be getting to know more.

I'm so glad! (and DOH! I said Monday on your journal...just another sign of how fast my days are whizzing by!)

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