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A morning of sleeping in was just what I needed to revive me.

Awakening on my own, with no alarm incentive, rolling over and lying in the bed alone, listening to the breakfast clinks and clatters as Anders and the kids spoon up cereal. I stretch my toes, rotate my feet, feel my ankle pop a bit. The window is open and morning sunshine is slanting across the backyard, illuminating the pines and the far side of the ditch. It's heating up and the dew has already faded. A last-of-the-season fly is desultorily buzzing about, slow and heavy. He's not long for this world, and I feel no need to get up and remove him. The ducks in the farmyard raise a hullaballoo, flapping and wagging as their breakfast also arrives.

A day with no plans was just what I needed to revive me.

Putzing around at my own pace, catching up with online friends, sending long over-due e-mails. All day I had the time I needed to get things done, the little things, the things that fall by the wayside because the big things are so overwhelming and so necessary. No cleaning, other than running the dishwasher, this was mostly a clearing off and clearing up. Putting things away, making lists, relaxing. Standing at the window, laughing with delight, watching Anders and the kids bounce like maniacs on the trampoline: 3 human ping-pong balls. A nap on the couch in the afternoon while the kids watched a movie and baked like lizards in the sunshine streaming through the big windows.

Gulping down a fantastic book in one day was just what I needed to revive me.

If you read just one book this year, make it What's So Great About America by Dinesh D'Souza. Insightful, interesting, educational, and above all, thought-provoking, this was just the antidote I needed to the ravages the past few years have waged on my patriotism, my love of my country, and my tattered pride in being American. It's not a cheerleading rally, or a blind propaganda shout-out, but rather a realistic, engaging and careful analysis of the ideals and myths and REALITIES that make America so loved and so hated.

A walk in the late summer evening was just what I needed to revive me.

We started late because we ate dinner late and the sky was an inverted bowl of cobalt above us, not a cloud to be seen anywhere, only the zippered glowing streaks of jet-trails criss-crossing far overhead. The horizon, lined with a pale pink fire made the tops of the trees glow. No breeze, and only enough chill in the air to justify a light jacket; when we entered the tree-covered corridor of the snail trail, it was suddenly dark, moist and gloomy. Late dahlias bend their heavy heads and stonecrop blushes, caught out, caught red-headed. All around us are the zinging zither sounds of crickets or grasshoppers, something buzzing in the grasses. The gloaming fell quickly, it was dark by the time we had circled all the way home, the kids shadow-blurs skipping ahead of us.
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Thanks for the book review. It sounds like just what I need right now.

I'll try and get you my bio for Mosaic Minds tomorrow. I'm still trying to figure out how to sum things up in 50 words.

If anyone deserves a day of relaxation and peacefulness, it's you, Liz. So glad to hear you got it.

I'm SOOO glad that you had a day like that. After the harried and hassled tone of late, you really needed a do-nothing day.

Lovely. And thanks for the tip on the book!


" inverted bowl of cobalt..." You slay me. Would you PLEASE just go write a nature book, already?! :) What a lovely, lovely day. I haven't read the book, but I've been reminded this week in so many ways of what I believe makes America great--first and foremost its people. Trying to focus on the positive within the sad news. And hey, always nice to know there's a fellow ankle-popper out there. ;) Just because I'm extra sentimental this week, I want to say that I'm so very glad to know you. Hugs. ~Marilyn (Still trying to reach Sam...I call daily...maybe I'll luck out tonight.)

I hope you do get through to her, it's awful not knowing. I think that's the worst. I'm very glad to know you, too :) :)

I want to live with you!

You'll have to sleep in the playroom! :P


I feel revived just reading through this-- I actually read it through twice because it so sweetly soothed my ravaged soul. Thank you for the book rec-- I need it desperately as T and I are in the midst of watching "The Corporation" and it is paralyzing me with hopelessness. ~bluepoppy


Okay I need lesson on commenting on your site....:)
What a relaxing day, we all need those at least once in a while I mean realistically isn't that what are weekends are for so we can recharge and put our best efforts in at work? But more seriously you made me relax and take a deep breth so thanks for that-Alex

Re: Revival

You're welcome!

And aha! Now I know what you mean! I was reading backwards in my comment-emails, and saw the other one first.

LJ allows anonymous posting, but it treats logged-in LJ users preferentially. :)

Send me that book....and that other one too....Oh and go see the movie....

Sounds like just the book I need to reload on my patriotism too. And for some ammo for my usual discussions with my german friends about what I great country I come from, and would they please shut up about the gas prices already....and so forth...

Send it on down, with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory too...
Have you seen the movie yet????

Feeling abandoned not adopted,
Your loving brother
(Note to Kathy - changed the word just for you!)

Re: Send me that book....and that other one too....Oh and go see the movie....

I'll send it this week, after book group tomorrow, where we're discussing it :) Plus Charlie, and the DUcati do-rag. :) And maybe one of your Hitchcocks if the box isn't too damn heavy already.

And don't talk to me about gas prices. I saw today that our cheap gas station in the village is over 12 kronor a LITER. That's over 480 kronor to fill the tank...which is $65 at today's exchange rate.

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