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Man, I'm tired. I'm so tired my eyes feel stretched and red and rubbery around the insides, as if my eyeballs had receded.* I felt, at 6:30 p.m, as if I could go to sleep and sleep for 24 hours.

But I went back online to check email after fighting off the sleep monster for a short amount of time, and Sam has posted, and she's okay! *happy dance*

And then I wrote you all a note.

Jennifer, don't sweat the small stuff. And don't let the big stuff ruin the good stuff. Hang in there. Carolyn, I hope and feel that everything will be better starting from today and that a great deal of the rough times you were going through this past year might be alleviated now by the help he received this weekend. Jackie, I'm so glad to hear about Kate's job, that is wonderful news. The hopes we have for our children are so overwhelming sometimes. And I love your stories. I want to sit on a little footstool at your feet and listen to you tell them in person. Chuck, where you been lately, man? I miss you. Trish, I know you probably won't have a chance to read this, but I'm so very glad that you had some sunlight at the end of a disappointing trip. Matt, it seems like you've stopped writing since you moved...I was hoping you'd write more about your experiences in the States. Katrina, bad days at work suck and I hope the rest of your week improves mightily. Marilyn, you are a wonder and an inspiration and I can't wait to get your book. Elizabeth, you are the most generous soul I have never met. Thank you for brightening my day every day. Are you SURE you can't pop up north for a bit while you're gallivanting around Paris? Melanie, getting to know you via the blogosphere has been a joyous experience for me. I love your writing and your art and your sparkling personality. Your twinkle comes across in every comment you leave. Amanda, how exciting about the new house! I love moving (well, parts of it), it's so exciting! Gale, it has been way too long since we connected, we need to do something about that. Otulissa, hang in there regarding your grandma, I don't envy you there, but I think you have an incredible amount of strength. Marie, good luck with the store and all your dreams! Your stuff is beautiful and I hope it goes well for you. Nicole, a good day makes up for a lot of the frustrating ones, I'm glad you had one. Geena, you are a breath of fresh air and I'm so glad that you're here. Donna, what's up with you? I get the feeling things aren't going the way you'd like them to and I miss your bouncing. Take care of yourself, woman. Meaghan-Meggle, I'm pretty sure you could power a city with your smile and empower the world with your writing. Marie, thanks for the postcard! It's so nice to know you guys are out there having a ball. I can't wait to hear more about your adventures when you finally return! Nina, when ARE we going to get together for lunch? Ellen, I wish I could pop over and give you a hand, but honestly, you seem to be getting along just great despite all the changes kid #2 brings. :) Kisha, I know I don't always comment a lot on your journal, but I read every entry and you make me smile. Sari, I wish I could see more of your doodles. Christina Rosalie, your writing is an inspiration and a joy. I'm so glad you found me! Alex, it's been really fun chatting with you this week. Making new blog friends is such fun. And I WILL figure out who your sister is eventually, just wait! Sheryl, if you published a book I would so buy it. What are you waiting for? Oh yeah, real life. I can relate. :P Rée, are you out there? I'm starting to get worried again. Kirsty, post some more Bijou movies! I need a chubby-baby-toes fix again! Amylou, when ARE we going to meet?? Same for you, Eimi! I want to meet my virtual friends in real life, too! Jessica, I know you're traveling, and I hope you're having a great time. Darcy, any chance you're going to be in Oslo next weekend? Magnus! Have you sent your book to a publisher yet? And if not, why not?? Christina, I'm alway so glad to see a post from you, whether it's one of your wonderful photos or just a ventilation-post. You enrich LJ. Chris, I hate it when you're quiet on LJ since I've discovered AGAIN how much our friendship means to me and how glad I am that it's endured for so long, through so much. Ravengirl, thank you for loving Chicago as much as I do. You bring it back to me, even when it kills me with homesickness. Karen, your work and the way you see, the things you find, the beauty you create in your studio is something special. Monique, it's so fun to read your posts and I live vicariously through your kitties, too. Erin, when do we get to see the kite? I'm consumed with curiousity! Heather, if we ever make it back to the Chicago area, I am SO looking you up! Irma, I'm sorry that I'm so bad about posting over at you-know-where. I'll try to be better. Shelagh, every time you post it makes me happy; your artwork is SO colorful and cheering. Tracey, I feel like a rock star is coming to visit me this weekend! I'm nervous and excited. I can't wait! Dawn, your LJ just hasn't been the same since you moved, but I'm really glad you're so happy there. Anna-Lena, I'm really glad that you are finding happiness again. Kim and Bev and Kitty Sue and Gloria and Jess and Melanie and Erika and Amy and Lisalou and Anna , I wish we lived nearer to each other. I hope I get to meet each of you some day. Carrie, your eye for gardens and growing things is a delight. I wish I had gotten off my duff and sent you my garden plans, although you never know, I might yet! Lei, you amaze me every day with your insightful and thought-provoking topics. The web is a better place because of people like you. Jennifer, the beauty you create constantly is so wonderful. Some days I'm very upset that I can't buy all the beautiful things you create. Lotta, I hope your foot is feeling better and healing as it should. I wish I had had kitties to cuddle with when my foot was injured. :) Mike I wish you'd post more, too. You invariably crack me up when you do. Sharon, I'm really looking forward to seeing you on Thursday AND having you on the roadtrip next week. Andy, why'd you wait so long? You look GREAT. Sam, you're one of the shining lights of the internet for me, and bonus! you're a darling dear on top of it. I am SO SO glad that you and your family are all alright. Carrie, if anyone could have a baby with a delightful puppy tail, it would be you. Your rambles almost always bring a smile to my face. Heidi, I also don't comment on your journal much, but I always read it, and I love your book recommendations. Verian, you perv, put your pants back on! Jacqui, I'm so glad we met and I really am looking forward to hanging out with you more. Dyvan, I'm envious of your ability to produce poetry. Where do you find the time? I know you have a busy life, too! Frank, thank you again for the pick-up computer kids ALWAYS want to play it when I tell them it's time to clean. :) Meggie, hang in there. Jenny, I've decided I need that cake recipe. Also, you crack me up. Also, I miss Laura Ingalls. :P Megan I feel cooler somehow knowing you. I'm excited for you and your new book. Heartsong, you'll probably be embarrassed to know how much of a role model and inspiration you are to me. Why are the coolest people in Oregon? Poppy, I think you show amazing strength and it's a treat to hear about your life with your daughter. Dave I'm glad you are posting more often. And Ann, I'm sorry for the tough decision you had to make about your dog recently. Nan, where you been? I miss your posts. Heather I'm glad things seem to be going so well for you and that you have settled in so nicely. I hope to see more crafty posting from you. Kathey and Russell, if there was any way I could talk/convince/bribe you into moving back I wish I could figure it out. I am SO excited that you're coming to visit! Mom and Sarah, we are too far away from each other and we don't see each other often enough. I hate it. Johann, WRITE AN ENTRY OR I'M ABANDONING YOUR ASS!

Well, I didn't manage everyone, but I got pretty darn close, and this post got WAY out of hand and I hope those of you whom I didn't mention by name will excuse me since it's WAY past my bedtime and my eyeballs are rolling around like desiccated marbles. Some of you are so new to my journal that I don't KNOW your name yet. :P

Glowing, Growing Birthday Wishes to lonita!

*not a problem, however, seeing as there's so much space left by my rabbit-chewed brain
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How cool! My kitties love to see you around as well. Mind if I steal this idea one time? It looks like a lot of fun but also a lot of work to write such an entry. You have even double the number of people on your list compared to me, how do you keep up?

Keep up? Who can keep up?! :P

Fankoo. :D

What a wonderful, thoughtful post. It was a lot of fun to read and made me really happy.

Ah shucks :)

I'm touched and honored actually. I wonder, not out of incredulity, rather curiosity, what threads are the parts that inspire a role model for you?
The inspiration is mutual. I love your descriptive writing style, that you sing... with a choir!, that you are so good at commenting. Your diligence in commenting reminds me to do so more diligently on my friends list~ not just when inspired~ AND, often last winter after a dismal day I would delight to be logging on and wonder what
lizardek and idahoswede had to say that day.

Thanks for this lovely appreciative post. I bet many on your friends list were delighted to see their names in bold. Sheesh girl, you know how to make people happy!

Aw, thanks for writing all of us even though your tired. I was so excited to see Sam's post too. Do you know why I don't write a book? I have no ideas that can sustain a plot. Really.

I guess I didn't mean a book like that, but more the kind of writing you are so very good at: personal essasy, writings about your life and thoughts and philosophies, like you do on your blog :)


Im havin a great time!

Im havin a great time!

Now THAT is a cool post :) You're so sweet to write something like that to everyone.

Will do!

puss puss! :D

Holy! You crack me up! AND you are insane. ;)

I'm trying! And thanks for a great post. :)


I've been blubbering my way around the blogosphere this week. Visiting long-visited sites...feeling so very, very lucky to know such amazing people via the blogosphere...and realizing how lucky I am to be surrounded by such incredible, supportive, caring people "inside my computer." :) Beautiful post, Liz...hope you finally got some sleep. ~Marilyn

What a nice post! I'd like to do something of this nature, but I don't have nearly the oomph that you do with this sort of thing. :) (Also, you're better at commenting for me than I am for you, but I always read your posts, too!)

I sure haven't, and it's because it's STILL not ready. I'm typing my last edit, and then it's going to get just ONE more round, and then I will. Really. Promise. Well, unless it needs another round of editing.

Thanks, and if you ever figure out how to get Karin to be a better sleeper, tell me the secret and that will be a huge help!

The secret is: wear her OUT during the day and DON'T let her take a nap at all. At least that works MOST days now :)

Hee, this entry is awesome.

There are a few preview pictures of the kite over at wakingeyes, I probably won't manage a full picture of it until it's actually up at the gallery at the end of the month.

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