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Something That Made Me Giggle Today: shazzerlive reading the instructions on a package of Raspberry Chai..."Entice your water to a gentle boil..." Hee!

I was interviewed today, by a newspaper! in Swedish! A journalist contacted the AWC last week, wondering if there was anyone in the club who had moved to Sweden "for love" ...ho ho ho, only at least half of us, I laughed. So I called her and said, hey! I'm up for it...want to me to call some of my girlfriends? And she did, so I did and they all came today, except for Emily who hurt her foot and couldn't make it. But shazzerlive and brief_therapy and Dr. Darling came over and we had pizza and then we sat on the deck in the lowering sunlight and answered all kinds of questions about who we were and why we came and what we thought. Towards the end of the interview, the journalist said, "Well, you all don't seem like you had a very hard time moving or adjusting to life here in Sweden, you paint a very positive picture." And we looked at each other and laughed, and Miss-Mary-Poppins-Spoonful-of-Sugar-Living-the-Perfect-Life Geena said "Yes, we are poster girls for liking it here" and she was right. :)

Someone unfriended me today, and because it was one of the people whom I didn't get around to putting a note for in my last post, it makes me wonder if that was why, which makes me sad. I've been sort of guiltily obsessing about the handful I missed because I was so tired that I had to stop before I finished that post, and this didn't help. I really hope that anyone reading this understands that if you weren't mentioned in the First Name Basis post, it WASN'T because I don't read your journal (I read of you) or because I don't like you or was because there are so many of you, and it was late when I started and I was listing to one side by the time I got as far as I got and I like you, I really do! Don't unfriend me! *clasps you hard around the legs while you try to shake me off and walk away*

This weather is so wonderful. It's been sunny and blue for more than a week and warmer than I've ever seen it in September in Sweden. So warm that my garden is coming back to life again, and the coral-blush-pink-orange beauty of a rose that I planted this summer just bloomed again. If I could FREEZE it right now, flash-freeze it to preserve it forever, I would. Although half the beauty of flowers is the fact that they don't last very long. Are we conditioned to love the ephemeral more?

My left forearm just above the elbow hurts. What I think is, that I have the dreaded "blogger's elbow." It's a muscle strain brought on by leaning your chin in your hand with your elbow propped on the desk while sitting and reading blogs. Kind of like tennis elbow although there's nothing strenuous about acquiring it...although if I DO have it, it would be remarkable, since I JUST MADE IT UP. bwahahahaha!

Were you just sitting there, rubbing your arm and elbow? You WERE, weren't you!? :D

Abso-freaking-lutely COOL: Box Doodle Project

Covet-licious: Eat Me*

Big, Beautiful, and Belated Birthday Wishes to orangepoppy! Sorry I missed it, not being able to get on the computer last night! Hope you had a great one :)

*thanks to emmabovary for the link
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How great to be interviewed by someone from a newspaper. The closest I have ever come to being in the press has been half of my head beint photographed as I crossed the street one time. That wasn't even close to 10 seconds of fame ;o)

I am sure that isn't a bloggers elbow because shouldn't I have 2 entire bloggers arms then?

Sorry to hear that you may have doubts over why someone deleted you. I got that too recently, but later I found out that it was over a jealousy issue with interfriending and I had no idea. If someone doesn't leave a note why they leave it is only guessing we can do.

Well, the person in question, while she's been on my list for a very long time, hasn't been around much on LJ for the past year or so. It's hard to stay connected to someone that never writes or never responds. I just hope she's doing okay, since she went through quite a tough period not so long ago. I was mostly feeling guilty. People are welcome to remove me if they need or want to. :)

It's fun being in the paper, huh?!?!? I had an American BBQ one summer and asked the local paper to show up, not as big of a deal as yours! Congrats! Be sure to post it when it gets published!

I will. :) It is fun, even though it's a little anxious-making. :) I never thought of asking the paper to come to one of our events! duh!

Yes, I suffer from blogger's elbow. Look, you know it's bad when you can't get to the Internet for over a week and DREAM about logging into your blog. YES I DID.

And ooh la la! Interviewed! How great! I'm sure they appreciate people not whining all over the place, and you are definitely seem to be a happy expat.

And no no no on the unfriending! I can't bear it. I refrain from EVER taking people off my link list EVEN PEOPLE WHO DON'T READ MY BLOG because I'm so afraid I'll hurt their tender feelings. Please, Liz loves you, really she does!

LOL! I'm not really that into desperate validation. It was mostly because I was already feeling guilty over that post because I didn't finish everyone. Calling it a "friends list" is really a misnomer. It ought to be "reading list" or something similar.

which paper?? and when will it be in it??

Sydsvenskan! She said she was shooting for October 1st since she still had a bunch of interviews lined up for the article. :)

Just so you don't unfriend me ;)

*tries to pull your clinging arms from around my legs* :P

well thats the thing with those lyrca rubber happiness suits they are like velcro...... :P


The idea of unfriending makes me nauseous.

Way to go on the newspaper! Which one is it and when will it be published. Did they take pictures?

PS Just registered with AWC!


Well, it's a fairly stupid LJ terminology to call it "friends"...I would call it "readers" instead. Actually, I was being a bit overdramatic, there. I don't really care if anyone takes me off their list, it was mostly because I was already feeling guilty about that post and not having been able to do EVERYONE.

Sydsvenskan! She's interviewing a bunch more people though, and said the article won't be out until at least October 1st.

I saw your registration come in, woo hoo! I'll tell the membership officer to get on it, stat! :D

And yes, they took a bazillion photos. I'm dreading them.

I smiled my way through this post, enticing my water to boil while rubbing my oh so painful blogger's elbow!!!! Hey, I think that is a real thing, you know! Well, okay, so my elbow problem started with lifting a WAY too heavy guy at work who was dying of stomach cancer, because I jsut couldn't let him fall on the floor! He was a big and tall guy...
but you know what? leaning on the computer table or on the door handle of my car make it worse!


I think it is, too, although I suspect some of it comes from working on the computer all day long at work as well :)


It's amazing to me how LJ users have this whole subculture within the be "unfriended"...ah, if only it were that simple in real life...ha! Sometimes there've been so-called friends that I WISHED I could un-friend. :) That's like my recent post for 'blog day' where you were supposed to pick five blogs to share with readers. I did my best to make it clear that I wasn't picking my TOP five or my FAVORITE five...but trying instead to share a cross-section of different TYPES of blogs. Even so, I'd venture to guess that I might have pushed someone's nose out of joint. I sure hope not, but the blogworld isn't all that different than junior high sometimes, is it? :) ~Marilyn

Yeah, I was VERY offended that you didn't pick me.

haahahahaha! :P The blog world IS junior high :)


Wonder if the newspaper had interviewed people who had been over there for differing amounts of time, if they'd have a more honest view of how people adapt. If someone asked me now how I feel about life over here I'd be all these-are-a-few-of-my-favorite-things positive. If they had asked me about a year into the venture, they would have gotten a very different answer.

That bra brings whole new meaning to the term "breastfeeding".

LOL to your last line! :D

She was interviewing several other people than us, including someone from China and Brazil, and a guy from Ireland. I realized afterward that all 3 of us had no problem with Swedish AND were working so we did present a bit of a lopsided view, but oh well.

"Entice your water to a gentle boil..." .... oh I like that.

How about, "Invite the bell to sound" ....

Woohoo on the newspaper!

Gotta get to bed now, my elbows hurt. And here I thought it was 'readers elbow.'

I hope the article PLUS pictures will be put online for all of us to enjoy. :)

As for unfriending, I never ever unfriend anyone unless they do it to me first. Then I do it back out of spite and hurt feelings. Mature I'm not. Oops. :P

LOL! We're all very 8th grade, aren't we?? :D

If the article IS online, it will be in Swedish! :)

I only ever look at the pictures anyway. ;)

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