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How many things can you do at once? Can you walk and talk? Can you walk and talk AND keep track of a child? Can you walk and talk and keep track of a child and follow directions that are only in your head to your destination? How many things can we multi-task at once and still do any one of them halfway decently?

Can you pat your head and rub your stomach simultaneously?

Can you talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time?

Is there some law of diminishing returns that governs how progressively less effective you become for each task you add at any given time?

I wonder this, because of my penchant for, and fond belief in, my ability to multi-task. I'm pretty good at it, most of the time, as long as it's not TOO late at night, when my vision starts getting blurred and my shoulders start aching. Tonight, I was multi-tasking with a vengeance, working on the AWC website, answering and sending emails, uploading content for a Christmas present I'm working on, railing at my email program which doesn't want to connect to the server, writing the pieces of a customized game that we'll be playing as part of our presentation at the AWC Regional this weekend, playing a game of Spider Solitaire, and editing photos ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Well, not EXACTLY at the same time, but the activities were going on simultaneously...I was jumping back and forth between them.

I was doing something similar at work earlier today, and MAN, did I get a lot done!

Upshot? Website is further along with several sections finished, necessary emails are dealt with and answered, content is half done, custom game is finished, not all the photos are edited, but that wasn't going to get done in one day anyway...and I lost the game of solitaire.

I feel accomplished when I get a lot of things done at once, even when I sometimes think that it might be better to concentrate harder on ONE task. I wonder if it's because I have a short attention span or something...perhaps switching between projects keeps me from getting bored with any one of them. There's a difference between productive and accomplished, though, and I am probably not always the best judge of which one I have been, even though I think BOTH of those are positive ways to describe the results of my day.


I met ANOTHER lovely internet friend today, even though it was only for a few moments. Thank you so much, kejn, for dropping off the big bag of apples from your garden! My children were delighted and so was I!

Wonderful Wishes for a Wonderful Birthday to e11en!
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Ohhh...I am not so good at the multi-tasking when it comes to computers. I can't talk on the phone and browse the web with ANY sort of good results. I can't even listen to music with lyrics and write things at the same time. Silly me. I think my brain can only process one "language" element at a time. But go YOU! I am impressed.

LOL! I know what you mean about not being able to listen to music and write things at the same time :)

I also can't really read with the TV on. I'm practically USELESS! Hahahaha!!!

I love those sorts of days where I get a lot done. I've also reached the age where I have learned that sometimes some things are "good enough" and not everything has to be perfect :)

This morning my partner - having the get children organised for school hassle - informed Grace that she can multi-task as she is a girl.

Grace's response was that "only mothers can multi-task..."

*snort* Ain't that the truth!

For me the multi-tasking thing changes from time to time with alot of variables. I seem to be both better and worse at it now than in the past, but YOU GO GIRL. [just make sure you are remembering to breathe.]

*breathes* :D

Ah haaaa. I have oft wondered how in the world you accomplish masterful things like posts addressed PERSONALLY to like sixty people...or raising such beautiful kids while having the time to blog thought provoking tidbits daily. Know I know. You are one of THOSE people. Genetically freakish in the multitasker department. I am very impressed!!

Haaaa! I think you just called me a freak! :D

I believe I may have, but in only the very best of ways!!!!

I can multitask to a certain extent, but I really hate it, I dunnow, it always feels like I'm not fully in control when I do it.

Kejn is a darling, isn't she!!!

Kudos! I can walk and talk and that's about it! Watching TV is a *single*-task activity. I can multi-task a 9 course meal....does that count? :-P

"pssssst!" Martin's up.

oo! oo! *runs to your blog*

And I am NOT a mutli-tasker. I'm totally an "eye on the prize" kind of girl. One track mind. Blinders on. And I turn into a monster if someone interrupts me. Perhaps these are things I should not say in a job interview...

haha! Nope, but you CAN spin it so that it sounds just as good: dedicated, focused, task-oriented :D

great meeting you! hope we can do lunch soon.


I pride myself on being an organizational and multi-tasking whiz...until I catch myself doing the professional equivalent of putting the milk into the cereal cupboard. Sometimes a little LESS mutli-tasking can be a good thing, I suppose. I've often wondered if it's that I grow bored easily...or just that I'm VERY impatient. ;) ~Marilyn

I've done the milk in the cereal cupboard thing both professionally AND at home :D I'm with you on the impatient thing, I suspect that has a LOT to do with it.

I'm so terribly envious of your ability to multitask -- it's a skill I definitely do not have in abundance, and boy, could I ever use it.

In my family, that skill went almost entirely to my sister (the bible-thumping one). She somehow manages to juggle raising six kids, homeschooling all of them, supervising music lessons for the five older ones, ferrying kids to and from orchestra rehearsals and organ practice and horseback riding lessons and Boy Scouts, dealing with all of my littlest niece's difficult medical needs, sewing large percentages of the kids' clothing, etc. etc. etc. I can't think about this without boggling, every time.

Reading about your evening produces similar bogglement. AND you managed to post an LJ entry about it, without sounding exhausted -- you are amazing! ;-)

You can't see me sitting there afterwards with a vacant stare and drooling... :D

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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