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You'd never guess it by the picture-perfect photos that I usually post (hahaha!) or the ones that Tracey has just posted, but my children are FREAKS OF NATURE. I could get them on Stupid Human Tricks! My sister can turn her arms all the way around and inside out with her palms flat on the table, and I used to be able to vibrate my eyes (now it gives me a monster headache), but I don't know where my kids got their freaky freakishness. The apple may not fall very far from the tree in most cases, but this time I can definitely say it wasn't ME that they inherited their freakazoid abilities from.

How can I call my own darling buds freaks, you ask? Upp till bevis!* you say?

Martin can fold BOTH of his ears INSIDE THEMSELVES. He's been doing it since he was a small, small child. He used to do it when he was tired and now it's a party trick! Amaze your friends and family! I couldn't get a good picture of him looking straight into the camera so that you could see that BOTH of them were folded in AT THE SAME TIME because I was laughing too hard. He looks POSSESSED in that first one, don't you think? So not only a FREAK, but in need of an EXORCISM as well! :D

These are my daughter's freaky feet. They don't look quite so freaky in the first shot, but I assure you they are freaky feet to the finest degree. She's not pushing on the pillow in the first one, she's SPREADING HER TOES LIKE FINGERS. Can you spread your toes like fingers?? Martin can't. Anders can't, I certainly can't...mine all move together like little co-dependent sausages. She can wiggle and move them ALL separately.

There. Now you know.

*Prove it!
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Phew! No tongue weirdness. Martin tucks his ears in like that or he can make his ears do that all by themselves?

I can spread my toes on one of my feet like Karin can, but only one. When I try to do it on my other foot, the pinky toe will randomly twitch out but the others won't have any part of it.

One of my cousins can put her fist in her mouth.

*chokes with laughter* HER FIST!? bwahahahaha!!

He has to do it, regarding the ears, and they pop back out by themselves after a moment or two.

Haaaa haaaahaaa haaa haaaa! :) Freaky!

You're right...freaky kids! That ear thing is especially crazy looking.

That's some genuine craziness going on! I have to admit I did try the ear thing, but no luck. I'm still party trickless. haha

I just attempted the Martin-ear thing, and all I gotta say is.. Owww! That hurts! Regarding the feet.. I can spread my toes but I can't move them independently. This is a skill that perhaps I need to work on..

It ought to come in handy when you're...when you' mind, I don't want to know. :P

I suspect the ear thing will get more and more impossible as he gets older. :)

boy, am i glad you didn't vibrate your eyes at me when we met yesterday! :-)

*giggles madly*

The only "weird" thing I can do is twist my tongue up side down. Oh and make a roll of it, but that's something lotsa people can heh.

My sister has the same thing as Karin can do with her feet hehehe. And I love those ears of Martin - freaky, but fun!

My kids can do both of those tongue things, too, but so can Anders. In fact, I'm the ONLY ONE in my family, both this one, and my first family, that CAN'T do either of those things. I'm so deprived!

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No...I think they are MUTANTS!!!
But at least they are cute mutants.

Har! good one! I should have thought of using that word to describe my darling little freakniks! :D

Ok, first you got me on the double care. I clicked.
Then I cracked at the first picture.
Then I had to try both tricks.
Ouch. my ears hurt. And they're way too little to do that.
The toes though. Oh my. I can't move them independently, but I had no idea I had such powers in my toes... teehee..
But they won't stay that spread for long. I guess I'll have to begin training for endurance.

You must be so proud...

My, words fail me!

Enviously yours,

Jackie, regular person

LOL...I'm mother to mutants! :D

Further proof Chernobyl was effective in creating superheroes. Of course exactly how the ear turning ability, and toe independent suspension action ability shall save our planet from the evil super-heroes, or aliens, I am yet to comprehend.

But once more nuclear power proven to produce mutants when we need them to save the world!!!

I told you... FREAK. In the very best of ways. Oh those pictures are lovely. Lovely lovely lovely. Especially the last one of the toes. Simply too great for words. Perfect. How cool is Kirin?????

LOL! I was thinking about you and giggling when I wrote this entry, because I knew you'd laugh! I love my kid's feet :) When they were babies, they had the chubbiest little fat feet, just adorable. :)

The photos of your kids are just gorgeous!!! You must be rapt to have them (the photos...) :) And I was just telling someone the other day how I'd once seen a girl vibrate her eyes and they didn't believe me ... I need you down here right now to show them ... please ...

LOL! Are you paying for my plane ticket...and my headache meds? :P

Love the ears and toes!

Can't even come close to doing my ears like that, but I can spread my toes and wiggle them. I can also cross my big toe over the toe next to it. Yup, I can literally cross my toes! Could that take the place of "holding my thumbs"?

Btw, your kids are ADORABLE!!

Geena's Aunt Lynn

Re: Love the ears and toes!

I used to know someone who could cross all their fingers backwards over each other, but never anyone who could cross their toes! :D

heyyyyy who ya calling freak..huh? i can do both of those too :P

Upp till bevis!! :D

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