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You'd never guess it by the picture-perfect photos that I usually post (hahaha!) or the ones that Tracey has just posted, but my children are FREAKS OF NATURE. I could get them on Stupid Human Tricks! My sister can turn her arms all the way around and inside out with her palms flat on the table, and I used to be able to vibrate my eyes (now it gives me a monster headache), but I don't know where my kids got their freaky freakishness. The apple may not fall very far from the tree in most cases, but this time I can definitely say it wasn't ME that they inherited their freakazoid abilities from.

How can I call my own darling buds freaks, you ask? Upp till bevis!* you say?

Martin can fold BOTH of his ears INSIDE THEMSELVES. He's been doing it since he was a small, small child. He used to do it when he was tired and now it's a party trick! Amaze your friends and family! I couldn't get a good picture of him looking straight into the camera so that you could see that BOTH of them were folded in AT THE SAME TIME because I was laughing too hard. He looks POSSESSED in that first one, don't you think? So not only a FREAK, but in need of an EXORCISM as well! :D

These are my daughter's freaky feet. They don't look quite so freaky in the first shot, but I assure you they are freaky feet to the finest degree. She's not pushing on the pillow in the first one, she's SPREADING HER TOES LIKE FINGERS. Can you spread your toes like fingers?? Martin can't. Anders can't, I certainly can't...mine all move together like little co-dependent sausages. She can wiggle and move them ALL separately.

There. Now you know.

*Prove it!
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