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obelisk closeup

121 Figures Top to Bottom: Vigeland Obelisk

More Photos From Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo, Norway: Page 1, Page 2

*from a quote about sculpture by Auguste Rodin
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It is totally amazing. I wonder how long it took them to finish that.

It was one man. The park contains 192 sculptures with more than 600 figures, all modeled in full size by Gustav Vigeland without the assistance of pupils or other artists. He also designed the architectural setting and the layout of the grounds, including a 2-mile intricate paving-stone mosaic that is set in a large square all around the fountain.

Wow!! Truly amazing.

That obelisk is stunning. I never seen anything quite like it.

You don't really get a feel for the scale of the thing from the's IMMENSE.

i've heard it took him and his helpers 14 years to finish that monolith from a single piece of rock...

breathtaking photos of unique statues!

Truly awesome and amazing and beautiful all in one. I can't comprehend the scale of it all.

OH! Wow! Why have I never heard of these before!

Stunning! You did some phenomenal photography on the first and third picture. Strength and intimacy. Those would be so beautiful framed and hung on a wall.

It is amazing to think that just one artist had the time alloted to create such works, and build a park, and.....

Actually near where I used to live there was an Australian artist who did similar - not on such a grand scale, but the area was his vision. And when you think he began in 1933 he predicted many of our concerns with the environment and indigenous peoples....


the William Ricketts Sanctuary brochure in pdf format towards the bottom of the page provides further information on this artist's ideas and intentions.

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I was there 25 years ago and while I had vague memories of the place, it was just STUNNING to see it again as an adult. Especially on such a perfect day.

What a fantastic park to walk around in, with the blue sky & sun as a backdrop.
I wonder how long it took Gustav Vigeland to finish the whole park?

years and years and years. He worked on it until he died and all the sculptures were donated to the city after his death.

Everytime I see photos of these statues I am amazed. The emotions and relationships expressed in them are so recognizable and real.

One day I will make it to Oslo and see them for myself.
Thanks for sharing your pictures.


wow thanks for sharing the sculpture, probably won't make it there myself so its nice to see.

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