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There's no longer any denying that fall is in full swing. 2 sugar beets by the side of the road: the definitive sign of autumn. The sugar beet factory is lit up and the chimneys are roaring. There's a chill in the air, but when the wind isn't blowing, it's the perfect temperature where sweaters are nice but not necessary. There is this long slope ahead of me, down which I am skating, and I feel I'm doing slalom around each of the obstacles in my path. Each thing on my to-do list, each appointment, each commitment is a barrier, or a hurdle or a swerve in the sweeping curve of the months ahead. Even when I remove the AWC stuff from my plate, I can't remove it completely and wouldn't really want to. The calendars pages are so full that the few blank days shine out at me.

Time goes faster the older I get. Each year zooms by; it's nearly Christmas again. Slow down, Time! I can't keep up! I'm stumbling along in your wake!

Trying to keep up on LJ right now feels stressful. Trying to get everything done for the AWC meeting before Monday IS stressful. Looking at my calendars and to-do lists is crazy-making...I've not even had time this month to read anything. I read 1 book (plus 1 with Martin during bedtime storytimes) and can't seem to get through the second one which is sitting dust-covered on my bedside table. When you consider that I usually average 10-12 books a month even WITH this crazy lifestyle of mine, you realize that things are definitely out of hand. It's like this every fall, I remind myself, but that doesn't really help. And I bought 5 more books today.

"Hello, my name is Liz, and I am a biblioholic."

I can't understand why I can't shit or get off the pot when it comes to the book I've been in the middle of for 3 weeks now. The writing is great, but the storyline is pushing all my worst denial buttons. I don't want to read, but I do. I don't want to put it aside for good, but I do. I don't usually have this much trouble giving up on a book I don't like, but I guess the problem is not that I don't like the book, exactly, I just don't want to know what happens.

Isn't shit or get off the pot a great expression? I suspect that's another one of my father's gems.

Maybe I'll read one of my new books inbetween instead and see if that helps. :)
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Off topic, but this The sugar beet factory is lit up and the chimneys are roaring. made me think of a client I used to have that was a co-op of sugar beet farmers and factories. I had no idea, until I was reading up on this client, just how much of the sugar we consume in those little packets at the diners actually comes from sugar beets. I had always thought of beets in the context of those strange purpleish things my mom served out of a can when she couldn't think of anything better to have with dinner.

Now as for Isn't shit or get off the pot a great expression?, it's funny that this is one of those expressions I just don't like. I think it's due to the use of the word shit, which I've had an aversion to since as long as I can remember. I have a similar aversion to the word premie, which I've also had forever. Don't know why these aversions cropped up in the first place, but my prejudice against these words has never waned and thus I wince whenever I hear them. People are funny and mysterious, aren't they, in all their likes and dislikes?

I agree with you that it's funny and mysterious about people's likes and dislikes. I think it's funny because it's so vulgar, probably. I've never had a problem with swearing (and do it far too often).

Oh I swear, also too often, but never with *that* word. And yet other words, likely more offensive to a greater number of people, I have no problem trotting out :).

I dislike "boob" actually and rarely say it, so I understand what you mean :)

What book are you reading?

Friend of the Earth by T.C. Boyle

I read about as much as you in a month- if a book drags I have recently started putting it aside.

It's so aggravating, though, because it's the first book of his I've read and I DO like his writing!

me, too. I want to know what book you're reading. I like the week or two right after I get back from a trip. The schedule is still empty, empty, empty. I look at the hours in the day, and feel there are a lot of them. It won't last, but oh, the luxury, while it does.

I had that feeling very fleetingly back in July for a few days...and treasured it. Unfortunately, it never lasts long enough.

I'm "reading" Friend of the Earth by T.C. Boyle.

Oooooohhhhhh! No wonder! T. Coraghessan Boyle! he used to be called. Then I think it dawned on him how incredibly pompous that names sounded and he shortened it. My first experience with T. Coraghessan Boyle was at the Southern Methodist University literary festival about 12 years ago. He was either the keynote or one of the evening speakers. He was arrogant, supercilious and obnoxious. He said that for years, he hung around writers, telling them he was going to be the best American novelist of his generation, and then he finally had to write something, to prove it. He obviously thought he'd proved it already, but I notice he's gone on to write more and more.

What struck me about his WRITING, as opposed to his personality (we other writers mostly make allowances for personality...we know our own is suspect and so cut the others a lot of slack), was that it was so thoroughly ungenerous. He used his writing to skewer people, types of people but also thinly veiled real people. He used really nasty fiction, mean short stories, fiction that turned on a kind of joke, but a vicious joke, to go after attitudes he didn't like.

Really great fiction comes out of a deep love of humanity, I believe. Within that love, we can find fault, we can puncture pomposity or hypocrisy or greed or any of the other evils we humans fall prey to. But T. Coraghessan Boyle doesn't participate in that love. He's got an incredible talent. He uses it the way nasty people at parties use their verbal talent to make people they don't like squirm.

No wonder you don't want to finish the book. Toss it, girl. He's not worth your time, even if he writes well. It's his missing humanity you're experiencing. Believe me.

Do you know what a sense of relief I am feeling after reading this???! I picked it up again when I sat down to dinner, thinking OKAY, just finish the damn thing and after 5 pages I set it down again, thoroughly discouraged. What shame that he doesn't use his gift for language, as you say, to be more generous.

Ummmm ... I'm glad you commented about that so called expression because for quite a while there I thought you were literally meaning that and thought that was a bit unusual for you :) ... what the hell does it mean??!!

LOL! It means to get going on something or give up trying already :)


But the very BESTEST thing on your schedule is - I'll be there for dinner on Friday!!! I can't wait, even though it's just the evening, and we'll be back! See you soon!! Love, Lizardmom

I can't wait either, and you are right, it IS the bestbest thing on my schedule!

Yup. Pit the book aside, read others. Maybe in six months time, or tomorrow, the urge will take you to finish it. It is the old "it doesn't matter if it has to be done, if there is no will to do it, it won't be"...

"There's no longer any denying that fall is in full swing. 2 sugar beets by the side of the road: the definitive sign of autumn."

In my neck of the woods it's leaves that fall by the roadside to bring in the autumn : ) Do your beets grow on trees beside the road?


Wait, you failed to mention a visit from LizardMom?! ;) That is a great is "shit on a shingle" which is how my father referred to our Catholic dinner every Friday night when my mother would serve creamed tuna on toast. (Even NOW I gag just thinking about it. Ugh.) As for feeling know, you don't HAVE to post every day...we'll all still love you even if you need to take a break now and then. :) ~Marilyn

I know, but I'm obsessive. And I actually did write a paragraph about Lizardmom coming on Friday and then deleted it since it just felt thrown out there. I'll be writing more about it later :)

fast tme

Wow 10-12 books you are awsome I can't read one a month let alone that manye but I am not a reader give me a good one a tape thats my newest obsession. I know what you mean about the speed of time, maybe if we all hang on the clock face it will stop moving? I can't beleive I should be thinking about christmas shopping and holiday cards. My art class that I teach starts and the on I take starts...ahhh...I am with you

Hey busy busy lady... Do you know that I just love reading that you're a total bibliophile. I am SUCH a bookaholic. What are you reading? I want to know!!!

I was in the eternal middle of Friend of the Earth by T.C. Boyle...I've pretty much given up now and am reading Sunshine by Robin McKinley, one of my favorite authors :)

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