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La la la!

Presentation? Done!
Calendar? Done!
Program? Done!
Ballots? Done!
Newsletter? Just about done!
Website? Done! Done! DONE!

And an hour before I go to sleep to read my lovely new book that I can't stop thinking about, that I don't want to put down, that I stayed up too late reading last night, that I want never to end because it's so good, so far, and hurray for reading books that I love by authors that I love!

All that, and a morning spent in the sunshiney fields of pumpkins, polka-dotted fields, spotted and dotted fields: orange and yellow and green and white and grey balls of pumpkins everywhere. A bright and glowing pumpkin sun in a blue sky. Long fat zucchini the size of my arm, summer squash glowing a bright sunny glow, knobbly little ornamental gourds lying about like so many organic maracas, cha cha cha!

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mood: energetic
music: Judybats—Lullaby (Weren't We Wild)


Did you take that picture? It's very cha cha cha!!! Makes me happy!

I love squash! All kinds! I love to look at them, touch them, and take pictures of them. Squash are a 'GOOD THING'.

Oh, and I'm wondering if your penguins in your icon are on speed or something? 'Cause I think I might have a seizure watching them dance! LOL!

I DID take that picture! It was one of the few I took yesterday that I was happy with, and I still wish I hadn't gotten the side of the box in the shot, so that it was "all gourds, all the time." :P My penguins are SO happy! :D

YAY for Zird's the Word!

:D Yayayay!

Ahhh! Excellent. I'm so glad things are wrapping up with your project.

A zuchinni as big as your leg??? Holy crap. Oh, and loved the line about "polka dotted fields." So perfect.

We should exchange pumpkin pie recipies...

It's the biggest damn zucchini I've ever seen. I just hope it's worth the effort of lugging it home!

it must feel great crossing all of those items off of your to-do list! tht gourd picture makes it really feel like fall. i must go out and get a pumpkin!! :)

Great surfing penguins Batman,! Look at the work accomplished!!


Sounds fantabulous, love the photo!

What a gorgeous photo of Fall's bounty.

yeah for super liz getting all that stuff done! you never cease to amaze me! you rock, but i think you know that already!
gotto ask, what book are you reading?

Sunshine by Robin McKinley

I like this picture too...
Why do you think zucchini and yellow squash have such fragile skins and other squashes are so tough? Are they the weaklings in the squash family?

Dunno. Some of the pumpkins have really thin skins, too. You can't say ANYTHING to them! :P

What a bright beautiful fall picture. Uplifting. And that DONE list is the greatest!! woohoo~

wow wow wow

you are gooooood. and I love the pic! ~bluepoppy

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