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La la la!

Presentation? Done!
Calendar? Done!
Program? Done!
Ballots? Done!
Newsletter? Just about done!
Website? Done! Done! DONE!

And an hour before I go to sleep to read my lovely new book that I can't stop thinking about, that I don't want to put down, that I stayed up too late reading last night, that I want never to end because it's so good, so far, and hurray for reading books that I love by authors that I love!

All that, and a morning spent in the sunshiney fields of pumpkins, polka-dotted fields, spotted and dotted fields: orange and yellow and green and white and grey balls of pumpkins everywhere. A bright and glowing pumpkin sun in a blue sky. Long fat zucchini the size of my arm, summer squash glowing a bright sunny glow, knobbly little ornamental gourds lying about like so many organic maracas, cha cha cha!

Making Me Sad: Abbie the Cat Loses a Friend
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