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As promised long ago, here is a selected set of some of my favorites from the weekend Tracey shot my kids. I have so many favorites from this photo session that choosing a handful to post here was an major exercise for me. All photos credited to Tracey Marshall, Studio Zoe.

In the Fields

(Delivering the spitting image of you)
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Terrific pictures. The family shot is wonderful.

These are glorious keepsakes! Your kids are wowwa photogenic and you had a wowwa photographer there.

Great pictures! You can just SEE the vibrancy and life in your kids. Fabulous! And I want to hug and kiss that photographer.

These are gorgeous pictures! (Gorgeous children too. :)

They are ALL quite splendid, but I love the story and motion in that top one best.

Those are such excellent, innocent, fun pictures. Karin has a crazy toe in the trampoline pic though. hahaha


Eeeeeek. How utterly, fantastically, splendiforously beautiful!!!! What a good problem to have to choose among these photos! ~bluepoppy


Aren't they awesome?! Tracy is amazing. She really brought out the best in the kids :)

The one of the children running is my favorite. That could go into a glossy magazine immediately.


Why is this freakin' me out so!?! I love these pictures too. MY MOM even wanted more. But I thought it would seem a little weird if I just kept posting photos of your children on MY site.

Yes, I'm available for hire in the greater Sweden area. The holidays are coming up fast dontcha know? (sorry Liz, this is the first and of course the last bit o' self promotion on your website!)


Promote yourself all you like! I LOVE THESE PHOTOS!!! You are a genius! And a sweetheart! and you didn't charge me anything, to BOOT!

Your children are so photogenic. The pictures are amazing.
How does Karin like school?

So far, so good :) To me it seems pretty much the same as daycare, it's only a l-i-t-t-l-e bit more structured.

So adorable! Love the hay field :O)


Oh Liz, they are so beautiful!!

Hmmm Your children are so cute they could be anime cahracters ;)

Har! Now I'm going to have to photoshop one of these pics to give them huge eyes and pink and blue hair! :D

everyone's talking about how photogenic your kids are (true, and i love how your daughter's hair is the same color as the straw!) but YOU are quite the cutie too! ;-)

oh ho ho ho! that brightened my morning, even if my eyes are rolling back in my head! :P

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Re: Just wanted to say "Hi."

hi there! :) are you an expat in Sweden, too? How cool that you're a Chicagoan too, in a way. I miss that town! Thanks for stopping by :)

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