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As promised long ago, here is a selected set of some of my favorites from the weekend Tracey shot my kids. I have so many favorites from this photo session that choosing a handful to post here was an major exercise for me. All photos credited to Tracey Marshall, Studio Zoe.

In the Fields

(Delivering the spitting image of you)
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they're all great!! i particularly like the family portrait :)

Especially the fist two have such an energy. Such real smiles and you can just feel the leg muscles moving. Very powerful.

She really did take beautiful pictures of Karin and Martin. The happiness and contentment just oozes out of them. I enjoyed looking at all of them.

Lovely pictures.
Your kids are so cute.

Simply beautiful! Your photographer certainly has the gift of the "eye". I love that gifted people use their gifts. My favourite pic is the one of them running in the field.

As always, your kids are cute as a bug!


Those are some cute, and happy kids. Love it. -Alex


wow. these are amazing, truly photos to be treasured. And they're so illuminating... they really speak to the fond relationship between brother and sister. Mark my words... when they are old (like say, my age ie. utterly ancient and ready for the geriatric ward) these are the photos they will treasure the most. I have a photo of my younger brother Scott and me when we were about the same ages as Martin and Martin (maybe a bit younger) taken by a friend of my parents. I'm whispering something in Scott's ear and we are both laughing. It's my absolute favorite family photo, because looking at it I can truly see the connection we had as children, that rock steady kinship, and I'm flooded wth fond memories... the stupid games we used to play, Scott's snoopy pajamas, the way he always smelled like fresh baked bread, his high girly giggle totally at odds with his all boy persona... and it makes me feel safe.

you're so blessed, Liz. They are truly amazing little people... you can tell just by looking at them!
xo Wee

What lovely memories of your brother. My kids often smell like fresh-baked bread, too. I could just eat them up :)

What wonderful family pictures! Heaps better than the usual "here we are at Sears, in the forest" shots. You're all adorable.


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