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As promised long ago, here is a selected set of some of my favorites from the weekend Tracey shot my kids. I have so many favorites from this photo session that choosing a handful to post here was an major exercise for me. All photos credited to Tracey Marshall, Studio Zoe.

In the Fields

(Delivering the spitting image of you)
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everyone's talking about how photogenic your kids are (true, and i love how your daughter's hair is the same color as the straw!) but YOU are quite the cutie too! ;-)

oh ho ho ho! that brightened my morning, even if my eyes are rolling back in my head! :P

well, you kind of look and seem like a prettier version of the love of my life (F) so i think you're HOT! ;-)

*bats eyes at you*

seconding kejn that you are cute too...this looks like a family-movie, throw in a collie, a loony uncle, and a younger single siser in trouble, a magic dragon that only the little girl and boy can see, and conquering some relative's Cancer or something, and we have an academy award winner!

LOL! Martin & Karin's Dragon starring Helen Reddy and Mickey Rooney!

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lizardek's obiter photos
lizardek's obiter photos

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