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People are so nice!! YOU are so nice! Those of you on my friends list who live in Sweden or outside of your home country will understand this. It is SUCH a thrill to get an unexpected package and one that contains goodies from home, stuff that you can't find, that you only get maybe once every few years or so, if that, is an occasion for a happy little dance with a huge, elastic grin on your face. And when it's goodies that you've never even heard of, that just say HOME to you in a way that nothing else can, well, grab my hands while I dance you around the room! HUGE bear-hug thank yous to somebodystrange and davesanngel who put this huge smile on my face this evening. When did they start making M&M's as big as my head?! And Guacamole Doritos?! My kids will be so thrilled by the Halloween treats, too!

I was in a bouncy mood most of the evening, probably because I got a nap after having to rush to the school at 2 p.m. to pick up Martin who was out flat with a really high fever and a terrible headache. We got that dealt with, Tylenol down him and fluids and tucked him up for another nap, and then I conked out as well. Which meant when it was time to go to choir practice, I wasn't zombified but rarin' to go. In town those gold-edged chestnut leaves around the edges of the park that I noticed last week have fulfilled their destiny and fallen, leaving thick and pluffalous drifts of gold along every edge and hedge. Shuff, shuff, shuff, they say when you walk through them.

It rained during the afternoon, and as I drove away from the house, the clouds were skating away from us to the northeast and the sun was out behind me. Everything was backlit with a nimbus of gold and sparkles from the rainshower shivered all the trees and grass with electric twinkles. As I arrived back home, singing at the top of my lungs in the car, I looked up and saw the same electric twinkles in a solid black sky. Twink! Twinkle! Twink! the stars wink and shine. They were dancing, too!

I'm back in the reading swing as well. Finished Robin McKinley's Sunshine last night, and started Jeanette Winterson's The Powerbook today. Since I have to be home tomorrow afternoon with Martin, who is not allowed back at school until he's been fever-free for 24 hours, I'll probably finish it, yay! another book read in September, and I won't feel so lame. And then? totte's book is up next! woot!

I'm a bit frantic about my commitments the week my mom and Judy get back. They are arriving on either the 10th or 11th, and staying approximately 10 days, leaving on the 19th. I have something the evenings of the 10th, 11th, and 12th, and am gone to Stockholm the 14th, 15th, and 16th. WAAAAH! How does this happen?! I can not go on the 10th, but that makes me sad as well, because it's book group, which I love. I'm not sure I can not go on the 11th because it's turning out to be the only date that the entire new and old board can get together for the turnover meeting, and I really need to be there to hand over my position and have my last evening as a board member, and the 12th is the final choir practice before the big concert. *insert swear words here*

Things I'm Trying To Do: Go to bed each night at a reasonable hour, not eat the entire bag of M&Ms in one sitting, find time to clean the damn house.

Things I'm Trying Not to Do: Eat too much at lunch, sweat the small stuff, wig out about giving up the Editor position that is MINE.*

Things I'm Not Worried About Whether I Do or Not: Planting bulbs in the gardens so I'll have spring flowers for once, learning every note of every one of the 25 songs for the big concert perfectly, writing every.single.day. in this journal because that is the way to OCD-craziness, I tell you.

And speaking of going to bed each night at a reasonable hour...time's up!

*HAA! gale_storm, I kid. Mostly. Pretty much. No, really.
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