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Woke up feeling sick to my stomach and shaky, so I stayed home from work. I've managed to accomplish rather a lot picking up the house and laundry-wise, plus some AWC computer work, after sleeping all morning, but still have a headache, and am definitely not 100%.

Didn't want to go to work anyway, as it's been making me crazy for several weeks and I'm just not motivated.

Just saw on CNN that Robert Palmer has died of a heart attack at the age of 54.

It's sunny today but looks awfully windy. I have to force myself to get to the grocery store as we are out of everything. And pick up the kids since I made Anders drop them off this morning.

This is the most incredibly boring post I've ever made. I just put myself back to sleep.
mood: blah
music: hum of the washing machine and dryer


Hej! I'm looking forward to meeting you at the AWC regional here. It should be fun and a great way to meet.... are you staying at someone's house or in a hotel?....Darcy

Me too, Darcy! :) I can't wait to have a good editor chat :) We're all staying in people's houses as far as I know, but we haven't gotten any confirmation about that. Do you know who's coordinating that part? There are 5 of us coming from Malmö.

Wow. Impressive.. you can post in your sleep!? Nifty. Hope you feel better soon! (Requisite *hugs* post.. hehe.)

If the guy touches you tonight, puke on him. :)

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