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well, that was four hours of my life I'll never get back, and a very bad feeling about the upcoming AWC year. *sigh*
mood: pessimistic


Sorry to hear that.

I just want to take the opportunity to say Thanks! (my most recent entry)

Oh no :(


That is a perfect icon!


o Liz... I'm so thrilled you found Breana (HulaBelly)!!! It makes me all squishy with delight, like I just arranged a marriage and now I get to watch you grow old together and pop out the puppies and name them after me. You should know she also has a second blog, a live journal blog at Now you can work all those magical livejournal things you sneaky, hi-tech livejournalers do that make the rest of ussad-sack diarylanders look so completely inept, what with your secret livejournal handshakes and multi-feeds and dancing pixels and stuff. Don't deny it... I know you all have a chatroom or something where you congregate to snicker at us.

xo wee

bwahahaha! It's true! well, not in YOUR case, sweet wee. In YOUR case, we gather together and bemoan the fact that YOU aren't on LJ so we could give you the secret password and send you the silly hat. I had already added her last night when I found out she had an LJ. *thrills*

Bummer! Our club definitely has it's up and down years too. It's a shame it can't just be good and have energetic, interested (and interesting!) people involved all the time.

I agree! Oh, I agree!


I went to two meetings of International Ladies Vietnam, which is similar to AWC, and never went back. I haven't got two hours a week to waste on those people. :P

It's not our club or the members, exactly, most of whom are wonderful. Part of it was suffering through the stunningly awful Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I should have trusted my instincts and stayed home.

Was it awful? :( I've been looking forward to seeing that and was so hoping it would dazzle me.

What to do, what to do...

(I've read the series several times and it has always been love; do you think that will make a difference?)

actually, I DO think that will make a difference. I read the books (and liked them) ONCE, way back in the it's been a long time and a lot forgotten. I thought a lot of the effects were clever, but overall, it was pretty messy, and I hated a couple of the characters.


Wha...what?? No details?! ~Marilyn

Part of including suffering through The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. What a waste of film.

I saw some clips from that movie. That was enough for me to stop even contemplating going out to see it ;o)

Yikes! That is not what someone who finally dug deep into her shallow pockets for a membership fee wants to hear! La-ti-daaaaaah - my hands are pressed against my ears singing a happy song - la-ti-daaaaaaaah!

Seriously, I agree with a previous commenter - what happened?!

Part of it was suffering through the horrendously awful Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The rest I won't go into detail about on a public journal. Tell you later :)

HHGTTG has its place (it was a better book, though...aren't they all?) but I wouldn't have had it be anyone's first time to the movies in a long time. Especially not at today's prices.

Oooh...I just saw your handmade pages thing...have to look into that.

I wonder if I would have enjoyed it more if I'd read the book again more recently. I read them ONCE back in the 80s so the details were admittedly hazy. And while I thought they were very clever about some effects and sequences, the people in it just bored me to tearzzzzzz.

And I would LOVE a page from you!!

I'm looking forward to hearing the dish on this one since, you know, I'm on the board now and everything.

I'll give you an earful tomorrow :D

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