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I don't hear my husband get up but I hear when the kids do. The television displaces sound as it slams on with a whoosh. I bury my head in the pillows, burrow down the cocoon-tunnel of the winter duvet I put on the bed yesterday. Its warmth and thickness is not enough to keep out the jangling disharmony from the television set. "Turn it down," I croak. Anders hears me and admonishes the children: shut mama's door before you turn on the tv! Moments later, the door snicks to, a creaking slam, then not exactly silence, but quiet enough. I drift off again.

Later, when I awaken, my family has disappeared completely. The only traces are breakfast dishes thrown higgledy-piggledy into the sink and a cloakroom box left open and empty. The house nearly hums with the silence this time. One car is missing and the dew outlines a whiter rectangle on the paving stones where it stood and dripped this morning. Where have they gone? The fish are mute and gaping; they know nothing.

Still later, my son's girlfriend calls, "Can Martin play today?" I tell her they've disappeared and I don't know where they are and am unreasonably gratified to hear the shock in her childish voice: "They've DISAPPEARED?" as if they had literally vanished into thin air. I reassure her with a laugh and make promises for afternoon playtime, contingent upon their reappearance, of course.

I shall hog the bathroom, soaking under the shower in hot water and steam until the mirrors vanish too, until I'm pink and wrinkled. I'll put music on, and turn it up. Maybe Mozart for this succulent Sunday, a day with no plans, and maybe not.

Later, I'll finish cleaning, and working on half-finished projects. I'll finish my book and start another. A walk is beckoning: come out, come out!

I'll welcome my family's resurrection. Later.
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music: Hayley Westenra—River of Dreams


Sounds loverly. :)

WEEE! the bathroom all to yourself! That sounds lovely.

*saying as she is getting ready to clean her bathroom*

I had to laugh at "they have disappeared?" maybe she thought that they had been in a magic act of that you had been like a Harry Potter and made them disappear.

I am soooooo jealous. ;-)

House to yourself! Luxurious.


This is a lovely post...but all I could think reading it was, "Liz has a CLOAKROOM?!" I haven't heard that term since Catholic school. "Put your galoshes [another term I haven't heard since childhood] in the cloakroom, children." I always felt like a cloakroom should be full of capes...and given all that you accomplish in any given day, maybe yours is. :) ~Marilyn

Well, calling it the mudroom or laundry room is so unromantic, don't you think? :P hahahaa! I think of capes, too, actually. Too bad I don't own one. I'd be swishing around the house making vampire faces at my kids!

Liz, you are AN AMAZING WRITER. I love love love reading your writing. You notice the details. And describe them with just the right words. Such a lovely post. And I love it when my family vacates too for awhile. Love that hum of silence in the house. The liesurly shower. The time to write full,well crafted sentences. And then, the sweetness of their return.

Alas, it was a bit too early for true relaxation but oh, well! :D

so did you end up getting shrivelled up like a raisin from soaking for a long time in the bath??

I stood under the shower until the hot water was gone. I wasn't shriveled, but I was very steam-cleaned! :D

It is strange when they call for little people to come out and play. To receive the call directly from another little person, as it were. I can't recall making such calls as that when I was that young?

Me either. I rarely talked on the phone at all, that I remember until I was a teenager.

Ah to have quiet time at home without chilluns or hubby ;)


I love your line I shall hog the bathroom...I do too :) its wonderful I turn so red sometimes i look like a lobster. :) -Alex

oooooh DEEEEEE-lish

What a Sunday morning! But wait, Martin HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!?? I don't believe I'm prepared for this bit of news. ~bluepoppy

Re: oooooh DEEEEEE-lish

hahaha! He's had a girlfriend since he was TWO. Well, he has LOTS of girlsfriends, but Ebba is his ESPECIAL girl :)

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