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Good god, I think I have blogger's block.

~ taps fingers on desk ~

~ scratches chin ~

~ tilts head back, stares at ceiling, mutters hmmmmmmmm ~

~ sighs ~

~ gets out the jumper cables ~


# of days gone by during which I forgot to pay the mortgage: 10

# of apologies I received at work today: 2

# of declarations of love I received at work today: 1

What the declaration of love was for, which sort of negates the excitement: a spiffed-up Powerpoint presentation

Special home-made Spanish lunch I was invited to tomorrow which I had to say no thank you to because the shrimp will have their legs on: *waaah!*

# of shudders the thought of shrimps with their legs on in my food gave me today: 42

# of people reading this who are rolling their eyes convulsively right now: eleventy two

# of Madeleine L'Engle books which have apparently been written behind my back since the last time I checked: 8

# of pages of totte's book which I've read so far: 50 (ha! bet you thought I'd forgotten, M!)

# of days left until my mom returns: 4 or 5 or 6

# of Reese's Fast Break bars out of the 36-bar box my brother brought home from the States with him 2 weeks ago that he has eaten in that time: 3

# of Reese's Fast Break bars out a 36-bar box that I would have eaten by now in the same amount of time: all of them. Duh.

# of mice we have living inside and behind our kitchen cabinets: MILLIONS! SAVE ME. That mouse last month was a harbinger!

Words used recently by myself and other people that made me happy: agog, eschew, harbinger*

Not sure if this is way cool or the beginning of the end of the world as we know it: Merriam-Webster's Open Dictionary

~ puts the jumper cables away, steps back with hands on hips, nods ~

*by galestorm, e11en, and me, respectively.
mood: silly
music: Steve Winwood—Arc of a Diver


*double shiver* I cannot even stand to see those shrimps with legs on. No crayfish parties for me, thank you. The first time I encountered it was at my very first work party in Sweden and I actually broke down crying because it grossed me out so bad. I think the entire table of Swedes were in shock. hahaha

haha! I don't care if other people have them on THEIR plates...cuz I can just not look. I take pre-peeled crayfish tails with me to crayfish parties now. Our friends are used to me. :P

Blech, just to see those people sucking on all the shells and the memory of those antennae wobbling about....*gag* I can't take it. I don't ever want to see it again.


I am right there with you on the Reese's Fast Break bars. They wouldn't have survived the first week.

you just crack me up!

I don't believe I know how to pronounce eschew, thus I have never used it verbally. ASCHOOOOO!

We have mice too, so we've just discovered. We have a trio of cats who are turning in their badges.

My sympathies on the mice (and shrimp). If you want to do away with the mice, the old fashioned way, a friend told me a good tip. Put the trap in a brown paper bag (like a lunch bag). When you have caught the mouse, you can just fold over the top of the bag and never have to touch anything.

We had three mice who made their presence known to us the first winter we lived in this house. The others either figured out it was a bad house to hang out in or we managed to get the lot of them. Fingers crossed for this year. If it weren't for allergy boy, I'd have a cat to handle the problem.

If it weren't for MY allergy boy, we'd also have big animals with teeth to deal with it! LOL

Oh neato!
I didn't figure you had forgotten, actually, but perhaps that you hadn't gotten to it yet :)

I've done 60!

My editor's pen has been busy :)

eleventy one eye rollers

# of shudders the thought of shrimps with their legs on in my food gave me today: 42
lol! In my childhood, it was rare when I ate them with the legs OFF. Expert shrimp peeler here glad to relieve anyone of the legs-on critters.

And mouse infestation, blech. I wish you the best of luck dealing with that. One or two mice seem like too many to deal with.
Oh dear, MW. What have you become? Not cool not cool! The world needs word authorities to keep us all in place. If they let anyone submit a word, it'll be chaos!


i love it i love it! alex


I know I am domb for replying to myself I just now realized youd linked to me how sweet!


shrimp; i would have thought it's the eyes, not the legs... those black, peering eyes on their little stalks. looking at you without blinking. black wells of neverending evil. shrimp eyes. :-) that's what gets F howling in terror when she sees un-peeled shrimp. LOL, you made me think of good times with her...

It's the bug legs. *shudder*

*seconds the shudder*

I suspect I would really like the taste of shrimp...but I can't bring myself to touch the darn things. My insect twitchiness just kicks in, and I can't do it.

Which is rather strange, as I can eat lobster without any problem. Maybe it's the shrimp's smaller size that makes the association with bugs so strong, for me...

I can't eat lobster unless the legs are out of the way either. I think you're right about the smaller size and the bug thing. *squick*


Nectar of the Gods.

so very, very true.

Eleventy two is so Tolkein!

Looks like I can't bring you along to meet my favourite sushi chef... sweet shrimp (raw) served with tails minus the legs of course, and heads (deep fried - very crunchy)!

no raw shrimp. and no heads. BLECH! But shrimp tempura wrapped in a maki roll with a little spicy mayonnaise (tails or no tails)? DI-VINE!


mice?!!! Oy vey. we did battle with them in our garage last spring and Johnny Freaked-By-Mice (Jack's Indian Name) spotted one last weekend hanging out in a basket of gardening tools and has been totally obsessed with the idea that we are being invaded again. But as far as we know, they never got into the house. Ewww... quiver. that much harder to bear than shrimp legs, me thinks.

And, okay, this is make me completely insane: What is Fuskis? What be this fuskis of which you speak?!! I've been searching swedish to english translators all morning and have not come up with the answer. I give. TELL ME before my brain explodes.

xo Wee

AHA! I knew that would drive you nuts! And when you should be working on your new banner, too! muahha! "fuska" in Swedish means "to cheat" so calling someone "fuskis" is a term of endearment (really! I swear) for a cheater. :P It was because of your recycled banner (not that I don't love it, cuz I do, ham-tongue and all!)

There is definitely something about shrimps with their legs on... Not quite as bad soft shelled crabs which totally give me the hebie geebies. :)

Even though my parents lived in Maryland for 12 years and I was out there frequently, a plate of soft-shelled crabs never ended up in front of me, for which I thank heaven.


er... notice how I wrote that last comment like English is my second language (the first being of course, Typo)? yeah, um... that was entirely intended. For you vast entertainment, but of course. Because I'm sweet like that. Yup. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. xo Wee

Not sure if this is way cool or the beginning of the end of the world as we know it: Merriam-Webster's Open Dictionary

There is already another one out there, though you've probably heard more about its bigger and more popular cousin.

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