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Good god, I think I have blogger's block.

~ taps fingers on desk ~

~ scratches chin ~

~ tilts head back, stares at ceiling, mutters hmmmmmmmm ~

~ sighs ~

~ gets out the jumper cables ~


# of days gone by during which I forgot to pay the mortgage: 10

# of apologies I received at work today: 2

# of declarations of love I received at work today: 1

What the declaration of love was for, which sort of negates the excitement: a spiffed-up Powerpoint presentation

Special home-made Spanish lunch I was invited to tomorrow which I had to say no thank you to because the shrimp will have their legs on: *waaah!*

# of shudders the thought of shrimps with their legs on in my food gave me today: 42

# of people reading this who are rolling their eyes convulsively right now: eleventy two

# of Madeleine L'Engle books which have apparently been written behind my back since the last time I checked: 8

# of pages of totte's book which I've read so far: 50 (ha! bet you thought I'd forgotten, M!)

# of days left until my mom returns: 4 or 5 or 6

# of Reese's Fast Break bars out of the 36-bar box my brother brought home from the States with him 2 weeks ago that he has eaten in that time: 3

# of Reese's Fast Break bars out a 36-bar box that I would have eaten by now in the same amount of time: all of them. Duh.

# of mice we have living inside and behind our kitchen cabinets: MILLIONS! SAVE ME. That mouse last month was a harbinger!

Words used recently by myself and other people that made me happy: agog, eschew, harbinger*

Not sure if this is way cool or the beginning of the end of the world as we know it: Merriam-Webster's Open Dictionary

~ puts the jumper cables away, steps back with hands on hips, nods ~

*by galestorm, e11en, and me, respectively.
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