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If they sold paint in the color the sky was this evening, I would storm the home stores and buy every can available. When I got home, the hatch of the Volvo bungee-corded down over the bulging shiny cans, I would break out the flat-handled wide brushes and cover every surface until my entire world reflected the pale blended swath of periwinkle-melon-lavender-rose-apricot-palebanana-eggshell-cornflower that lined the sky tonight. Not one cloud. The swath was a band around the world, a ribboned horizon-belt beneath a bowl of blue, highlighted with coral and gold by the sinking sun.

I paid too much for my 'do again today, having once more procrastinated on the awful job of trying to find a new hairdresser, but came away happy. It's a good thing that she does an excellent job considering how much she charges. I can't believe I stand there and smilingly hand over my credit card to pay what amounts to TWO FULL TANKS OF EUROPEAN GAS for a couple of tablespoons of hair-color-paste, a bunch of product, and 1 centimeter removed from Barky's shiny pelt. Although she did take extra time and care in massaging my scalp during the shampoo session, during which, if I had really been a poodle, my leg would have been twitching rapidly. :P

While I was on my way to the salon, I popped into a clothing store just on a whim, a clothing store that once in awhile has something nice in my size and hit the jackpot! And I popped into the bookstore on my way out, and DAMN! Why didn't I play the lottery today?! They had Gods in Alabama IN PAPERBACK! If Joshilyn's book is anything like her wonderful, sassy personal writing on her blog I am in for a treat!

And based on a phone call I received tonight, things are looking up for the AWC board, hopefully negating the worried feelings I was having not so long ago.

And, you know that shrimp-bug-leg lunch I was bummed out about not participating in yesterday? It turns out to be a GOOD THING, because even if it hadn't been shrimp, and had been some other meat I would have liked, say chicken, the red sauce that accompanied the shrimps would have KILLED ME DEAD with its level-10-decibel-LOUD HOT SPICINESS. I dipped the very tippy end of 1 finger in to taste and licked it and a few minutes later fire alarms all over the building went off and my head began steaming. Imagine my chagrin if I'd actually sat down to EAT and ended up either passing out, burnt & shriveled, or bowing myself away from the table in embarrassment and acute pain. So! Add that to my good thing list for today! Inadvertently saved from a lifetime of writing on little notepads with tiny little pencils due to no longer having a TONGUE, because of formerly-mocked bug-leg phobia.

And my kids received postcards from my mom today, proving that as of a week ago, the jet-setters were just fine and still in motion.

And a good thing happened to someone else today, too. Was it you? It WAS, wasn't it?! I'm so glad!


Payment for Services Rendered! brief_therapy, thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! I put it through tonight. :)

Beautiful, Bountiful, Breathtaking Birthday Wishes for gissa!

My Very Favorite Magazine in the Whole World: Before & After
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