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Today was one of those perfect days, a day when things got done, a day where no one yelled at anyone else, or made anyone mad, a day before something nice happens, a day with a perfect flow.

Today was a day when I had time to relax and finish things and most of all, to gulp down a book in its entirety, to move into its world and breathe its air, and climb completely inside the skin and minds of fully-formed characters who did real and unpredictable things, and a story that brought everything to a conclusion so satisfying that when I was finished reading, I just held the book and sat there for a time, slowing coming back to myself. gods in Alabama by Joshilyn Jackson is the real deal. Joshilyn is the real deal, too.

Anders and Martin left this morning for an overnight Scout camping trip, so Karin and I had the day to ourselves. We took it slowly and peacefully and happily. She got to play with a friend and then went on a shopping mission with me where the specific items on the list (2 weddings gifts, a black shirt for the concert next week) were found with no problem. The whole time we were at the mall, Karin held my hand and trotted alongside me, taking her participation in the shopping hunt very seriously. She chattered along about the things she was seeing and thinking, and the feel of her hand in mine was wonderful. I know that all too soon my children won't hold my hand so unconsciously. They won't reach for it without thinking, especially not in public. Martin, at nearly 8, is already starting the move away, into his own dignity and self-consciousness. Karin still bounces into my lap, relaxing bonelessly and letting me lightly run my fingers up and down her arms and through her hair. I'll miss that so very much someday.

Then we came home and I cleaned house, with her help. She quite happily and thoroughly wiped down doors with a damp cloth and then spot-mopped, while I was scrubbing the bathtub and windexing all the mirrored surfaces inside the house. We vacuumed and emptied the garbage and I did 3 loads of laundry, and then, while she watched documentaries on Animal Planet about sharks and ghost bears, I whipped through several web page updates and finalized the AWC directory to nearly the point of being ready for printing. After she was in bed, I sat down and whipped through gods and while I wasn't going to bother posting anything tonight, because I had figured cleaning my house was not really the stuff of scintillating journal entries, I simply had to recommend this book.

Mom and Judy must have found an internet café somewhere because I received an email saying they should be fetching up in Lund tomorrow around lunchtime or early afternoon. :) This means no book group for me this month, but that's okay since having my mom here more than makes up for it.
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I so hear you about missing the physical closeness with our children as they grow older.

I'm now just enjoying my time with them and wishing I could put off the day when my boys will be towering over me in height with a grin plastered on their faces and I'm *forced* to look up to them to admonish them to be home before 9pm - and I'll bet my knickers that they won't even be all of 14 years old yet when that happens!

how in the world do you manage to relax and read a whole book on the same day that you go shopping, clean your house, do website stuff and three loads of laundry? that would be a stressful day for me and i wouldn't get 10 pages into any book.

I read really fast :)


The other night I dreamed that someone came into the house secretly and cleaned the bathroom. I was so depressed when I woke up and realized it was only a dream. (Dude, when you're DREAMING about having your bathroom cleaned?'s time to get out the cleaning supplies.) I must be the laziest woman in California...I STILL didn't clean the bathroom today, nor did I read an entire book (and I have read 'gods'...liked it, but can't say I loved it). Although I did spend some time browsing in the library and crawled into bed with a new book as soon as I picked J. up from work. Thought I'd take a little cat-nap...but 6 hours later... Hmmm. Maybe that's why I don't get anything accomplished. ~Marilyn

Where oh Where???

The part about running your fingers through Karins hair reminds me of Simone and her Mom. Simone always remarked about lounging on the couch with her Mom while watching tv, her Mom would do the same thing. She loves that and once in a while when we are visiting there, Simone will casually lay across her moms lap while we are all watching TV and her mom will subconciously begin to stroke her hair, Simone always has the most satisfied contented look on her face. So I believe that while it might come to a pause between you and Karin that type of bond will always be there.

Oh and Simones comment to your post was - "what? Nothing about salami sticks and cheese???" She too wants to live vicariously through your journal. (maybe because I dont write in mine...)

Say Hi to Lizardmom and Lizardaunt for me....Ill call later.

Re: Where oh Where???

I hope so :)

As for the salami sticks and cheese, I thought about it, but couldn't figure out any way to make it coherent! :D

You do more in a day than I can manage in a week. Maybe even two weeks.

I love hearing these details about your life so far away. :)

(I have to "ditto" e11en -- I don't even have kids, and I still can't come close to your level of productivity!)

What a lovely day. Your comments about Karin's lack of self-consciousness really resonated for me. In what always seems like no time at all, each of my nieces and nephews transitions from climbing up in my lap and cuddling while I read to them, to finding a spot next to me and leaning over to see the book, to sitting a short distance away, pretending not to listen to the story even as they listen intently, to wandering off and reading by themselves. I always feel a keen sense of loss, when one of them gets too old to come running up to me, eagerly asking, "Did you bring books?"...

new name for you:

Productiva, the diva of productivity!


Re: new name for you:

I feel like a muse or something! :D

I had much the same kind of experience with my 5 year old daughter this weekend. Last night we went to a birthday party. Today she wanted to wear the same outfit that I had on (jeans and a yellow shirt). Then she wanted me to sit in the back seat with her and she held my hand as we shopped.


I totally agree with your assessment of gods; I loved it, and can't wait for her next book to come out. Wasn't the shower fun today? Everyone tipsy on champagne and laughter and wet from jumping in the virtual pool. Much fun was had by all, especially the sweetie wedding girl.

Yes, your children will go through a time when they don't want to walk through a mall swinging hands with you, when you have to lurk two stores back like some phantom, hovering from a discreet distance. And then you will progress to the point you have let them go into the world ALONE, unguarded, while you pray for guardian angels to take over their protection every day. Then, miraculously, they return, ready to walk through the mall hand in hand again.


I'm so glad to hear it :) Thank you!

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