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Got the sun in my eyes...! Can't beat The Carpenter's for making me feel like a relic of the 70's. It's another blueskycloudless scorcher of a day here in Flyinge. We have nearly nothing on the agenda except, since tomorrow I inch closer to 40 by a year, the following:

Anders: buy Liz presents
Liz: bake a cake and frost it
Anders: buy Liz more presents, preferably sparkly ones

I have other miscellaneous housecleaning things to do, and Martin's room still needs to be organized but no stress about any of it.

I'm trying to figure out why I really started this online journal. Since I've told several people about it, who might actually go and read it (and some already have), I can't say everything and anything I might want to, for discretion's sake. One of the reasons uppermost in my mind was that it might be a good way to kick-start my writing again. I used to write fairly frequently, but have written practically nothing since the kids were born. Not that it's their fault, as there are a LOT of things I used to do that I no longer seem to have time for. Painting, drawing, rubberstamping, making music mixes, quilling, singing, and the list goes on.

Last night at dinner, galestorm complimented me deeply by saying that I wasn't one of those people whose brain has been sucked out by having children. I assured her that it had, and even Anders backed me up by saying, "You should have known her before." :) But I do feel that a lot of my creativity and energy has been sucked out and that I'm only now starting to try and find my way back to it. I think I've subsumed most of my creative urges into the various websites I work on, but they feel so...I don't know...unreal. They aren't something I can touch or put on the wall. Why is it that I think my cyber creations have less value than if they were physically tangible?
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