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I'm trying to be confident that it's more true that absence makes the heart grow fonder and less true that out of sight is out of mind. I hope. Reasons for the upcoming scarcity of posts from Lizardek:
  • Need some major recovery time after the virtual wedding shower that bluepoppy threw for sundayschoolrebel yesterday. I'm still picking rice out of my hair and shading my eyes against the bright lights.

  • Giving everyone some much-needed time to work on their pages for my friends' book *hint hint*

  • Tuesday: AWC Handover's finally here. I'm giving up my night job.

  • Wednesday: last choir practice before the big concert

  • Thursday: 1 of only 4 nights out of 10 that I can actually spend some quality time with Lizardmom and my Aunt Judy while they're here (not to mention my long-suffering and neglected family...did I mention I have kids? heh!)

  • Friday: 7-8 hours of fun motion-sickness-filled bus ride to Stockholm, plus 4-5 hour choir practice

  • All day choir practice and then the big concert and then a party in Blå Hallen which, incidentally, is where they hold the Nobel Prize Dinner. How cool is that??

  • Sunday: post-concert let-down to be enjoyed while swaying through another 7-8 hours of nausea-inducing bus ride home

  • 2 more evenings to enjoy my mom's visit. Was it clear that I'm WORKING the whole time during this visit, too? sigh

Anyway, be good while I'm not around, and don't do anything I wouldn't do, or haven't done...which leaves the field way more wide open than you might suspect :P

Cracking Me Up: Carlsberg Advertising Slogan Brainstorming (scroll down)

Also Cracking Me up, Along With the CUTENESS: Vacuuming the Cat (thanks for the clip, kornrd!)
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Gasp! I am both proud and honoured to be in the Cracking up category of lizardek's obiter dictum!

Have fun in Stockholm. Good luck. Be good or be good at it.

hahahaha!! Your penguin pirates are cracking me up, too!

good luck with the concert! That sounds fun.

I am inching towards giving up my night job too. I don't want one anymore.

: D

Have a great time with your mom. And family too!

Well, even though I've mostly loved it, doing it for 7 years is long enough :)

Good luck with everything, take your motion sickness pills and don't worry about the Beautiful Beast that is Livejournal until you can feed the Beast again, with your time!

"feed the beast!" hahahaha! that is the perfect analogy! :)

Oh dear ... the friends book pages ... okay, so how do we do this? Do I do something on paper?? Or do I email you images??? Noo... How?

Confused and Slack

You do something on paper, you slacker! :D


You forgot to mention "and reading a book a day..." ~Marilyn

oh yeah, and reading a book a day! :P well, nearly a day :)


I was invited to brunch at the United Nations one time - couldn't choke down a bite of my muffin. I was all slack-jawed and goggly-eyed. I hope you are not like me, and sing sweetly and enjoy the party right in the shadow of the awe and splendor of the Nobel Prize. Have a wonderful time -and enjoy your company.


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