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NO ONE tried to guess the puzzle clues??! I'm shocked and disappointed. Okay, they WERE really hard, but STILL! Not THAT hard! I've edited the last post to include the answers for you. Use them at your own parties to amaze and confound your friends and family!


I'm leaving, on a jet plane at six o'clock in the yawning to get to the place where I'm rendevous-ing with the bus. That is WAY too damn early. I have to make some sandwiches and pack a cooler and my weekend bag as well. After we arrive in Stockholm we will be singing for something like 13 hours straight. Any takers on a bet on whether or not I'll have lost my voice by Sunday? :D


Are you always conscious of yourself and what you are thinking as you go about your daily life? I mean, more as if you are sort of narrating your story as you go, or reading over your own shoulder. Are you always conscious that OTHERS are conscious of themselves all the time? Sometimes, when I really stop and think about the fact that ALL the people on the planet (okay, maybe not alof them, but still) are CONSCIOUS of themselves, it really blows my mind. *boggles*


It's weird...I haven't been able to post anything for the past 2 days, even though I've sneaked in some commenting while at work, but I've been thinking about it continuously. However, when I actually sit down to write? BLANK. What the hell is up with that? Is my mind playing games with me? Mindgames from my OWN mind? So not fair.


It's only about 2 weeks left to Halloween, and I have done nothing at all about figuring out costumes for the Halloween party. I haven't even asked my kids what they want to be. In fact, just to get my bad mother award nailed down firmly, I must admit I have NEVER asked my kids what they want to be. Because when you do that, you end up like MY sister who has to create a "scary spider" costume for her 3-year old son, and once had to come up with something for her daughter who insisted she had to be a "peacock dancer." Since my sewing skills are limited to buttons and rips in pant-crotches, anything that requires more than cutting out a hole to stick your head through, or gluing brown-painted eggshell carton cups on a headband to represent billygoat horns, is out. Any ideas for Halloween costumes that we can wear regular clothing for and still be thought of as totally creative and imaginative? Heh. Why am I asking you people? You didn't even TRY to answer the puzzles!


3 Things About Liz When She Was A Kid As Dictated to Liz by Lizardmom:
1. She was strong-willed and determined to have her own way. Once she made an elderly babysitter very mad that she (Liz) refused to wear a hat when she (Liz) was going outside to play. (ed note: I still won't wear a hat, even in the winter)
2. She sucked her thumb for a long time. (ed. note: OH GREAT, thanks, MOM)
3. She was really mad when, while shopping for clothes to go to kindergarten for the first time, I (mom) wouldn't let her have the black dress with the big red roses and white lace that looked like a hooker's outfit.
4. (BONUS! I know, I said 3, but Mom kept going) She was shy, and she was the teacher's pet. (ed. note: I asked which teacher, but mom doesn't remember exactly...she said "all of them" :D)

3 More Things About Liz When She Was a Kid As Dictated to Liz by Lizardmom*:
1. When she was in kindergarten, I (mom) caught her trying to play hookey from school, and when she saw me, she ran away and hid in a ditch. The only reason I saw her was because I was going out shopping. That was when she was allowed to walk to school (7 blocks) by herself. She wasn't allowed to after that.
2. One of her first Halloween costumes was as Little Red Riding Hood, with our German shepherd Heidi for the wolf (ed note: I found that picture years later, and my eyes had been poked out. Sarah! John! 'Fess up!)
3. When she was a new baby, one of her dad's friends commented on how perfectly shaped her hands were, and said they looked like a model's hands. (ed note: okay, that's just weird)
4. (Look! BONUS again!) When she was 4-5 weeks old, her grandad played the harmonica for her, and she would ooh and aah at the music and smile, until he would hit the one bad note, and then she would start to scrunch up her face to cry...EVERY TIME. So, of course, they kept him playing, because they thought it was so funny.

And now mom is thinking that she DID this list once before for me on my journal AND she thinks she probably listed all the same things, but I looked back through April's entries and it's not there anyway, so if any of you remember it from one of her previous visits, too bad. It was still funny. :P


Catch you on the flip side of the weekend, kids!

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Borders

*3 is such an arbitrary number, isn't it?
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Now I feel bad. I DID try. I think I may have even googled "FRUIT GRANDMA DUBBED" Only to come up with scary garage bands, and notes abut blue haired ladies. I just am not that grey-matterly nimble.

Now, you write these incredibly long posts with so many goodies in them it boggles my mind just to read them and attempt to comment--I want to be sitting with you and giggling over a big cup of tea!

Yes--it boggles my mind too that everyone is conscious of themselves! The thing that cracks me up though--is people are hardly ever very conscious of EACH OTHER. I love the experiments that Glamour mag does on occasion where they send some girl out in this frightening outfit--a seethrough skirt for example, or with the intent of doing her entire beauty routine including facial mask and nail clipping while on the train--and almost no one comments or even acts like they care. Are we all really that self-absorbed?

And as to the halloween thing--my costumes were always either a) a gypsy (requires only a bunch of ratty skirts and bangles) or b) a pirate. Neither were very clever. Egg carton billy goat horns--NOW THAT IS COOL.

Have a wonderful time singing--drink lemon & honey in hot water to keep those vocal cords with you!

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