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I felt like I was glowing yesterday. It was probably just the stage lighting, and the rarified air I was breathing, though, performing with 3000 other choir members, a full symphony orchestra and several very famous Swedish singing stars. The choir filled one entire end of the Globen stadium as well as the back half of the stage, and we were a pretty impressive sight, all massed in black with turquoise scarves and the tenor & bass sections in tuxedos. 13 pretty-much-straight hours of singing, and instead of being hoarse at the end I was simultaneously flying with the power and joy of the performance and staggeringly tired.

We had the after-party in the famous Blue Hall, which is where the Nobel prize dinner is held, and while the surroundings were pretty magnificent, the dinner was only decent and it felt WAY overpriced for what we got, but hey! I've eaten in the Blue Hall of the Swedish center of government and shook hands and chatted with Kjell Lönnå!

Our choir leader, Eva, gave us this Wednesday off, since she thought we all needed some time to recuperate, which was nice :) so that's one less commitment I have for this week.

More later!
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