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Lordy, 4 days is a lot to try and catch up on. I've been trying mightily, and am nearly back to Friday, but then I suddenly realize you're all writing MORE RIGHT NOW! aagh! *pants* So, even though I'm reading, I can't possibly ALSO comment on everything because I'd be here until the cows come home.

The cows usually come home when it gets dark out, but in my case, they'd be standing in the field all night, getting dewy all over their black and white backs, looing softly and sadly, and looking with big brown eyes at the lights in the barn windows. And then, they'd be really hard to get up in the morning, and when their steer pushed at their shoulders carefully and said, "honey, aren't you going to get up for work?" they'd bite his head off with their big cud-chewing teeth.

Thanks!! to the wonderful jax_in_sweden who sent me a page for my friends' book and a very cool handmade garden signpost with the snippet from my sidebar lettered on it. Thanks, Jacqui!!
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