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I was starving by the time lunch rolled around today, and I ran downstairs to the canteen to pick up the food I had ordered from our take-in restaurant. It comes in a styrofoam hotbox, full of little aluminium carryout containers for the people who ordered ahead. Today's lunch was a beef patty with melted cheese and little fried potatoes with spinach. There is always a bowl of mixed salad as well, so I put everything on a plate and stopped to pick up utensils and napkins. Often, the kitchen personnel set out plates of leftover tomatoes and cucumbers from the breakfast buffet and today there was a little plate half full of yummy-looking ruby-red baby plum tomatoes. "Yum!" I thought and grabbed 3 of them and tossed them on top of my salad.

A guy behind me said something rude to me about not taking all the tomatoes, and I answered over my shoulder that I hadn't, I had only taken 3 and then I went and got my drink and sat down to eat at one of the little tables in front, with Lena and Barbara. A few minutes later a couple of guys joined us, one of them the man who had been rude, and as he sat down I realized that he had the little plate of tomatoes along with a tupperware container with the rest of his lunch brought from home.

I could feel a horrible little lightbulb going off over my head. "Are those YOUR tomatoes??" I asked. They were. "Ohmygod, I thought the kitchen had set them out," I babbled, falling all over myself in my horror and chagrin. I tried to give them back, but he wouldn't take them. Not only were they his tomatoes, they were his HOMEGROWN tomatoes. Talk about embarrassing! *grimaces*

Every time I see him now, which is EVERY DAMN DAY, I'm sure I'll be blushing bright red...appropriately tomato-like.


Mom & Judy took the kids to the Copenhagen Zoo this past Sunday while I was in Stockholm. They traded them in for a snake and a vampire bat. That snake on Martin's face went all the way around behind his ear! :D

Who Needs Halloween?

They're leaving tomorrow. I'm dropping them off in Lund for more shopping, and then they'll take the train to Copenhagen after they've bolstered the Swedish economy a bit more. For 2 travelers who are supposed to be traveling LIGHT, they sure have bought a lot of stuff in the past 4 weeks. Today Anders took them, with the kids, to the home/shop of an old friend of his, who works with pewter and other metals, making all kinds of beautiful home accessories. He's apparently branched out into jewelry as well, because all of us girls ended up with rings, even me.

rings and things

It's too soon for them to leave. I feel like they just got here and I'm really bummed that I had so little time to really spend with them.

Thanks to reebert, we have a great idea for a family costume ensemble, one that's both easy to do and which doesn't require a lot of work or shopping, although Karin's outfit is having to be tweaked a bit to fit her idea of a proper Halloween costume. Which reminds me, it's pumpkin-carving time this weekend!

Cracking Me Up: Ten Out of Ten For Style

Cracking Me Up Even More: Inanimation (scroll down)
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The tomato thing sounds exactly like the kind of thing I find myself inadvertently doing (seemingly) all the time! I swear, I don't set out to trespass or steal or offend, but somehow that's invariably how the story ends. My husband just shakes his head now - he has no words left after all these years.

Now backup here a second, but what was his plate doing there (among all the other offerings, I assume) all by its little lonesome self if he wasn't either carrying it or seated in front of it? You know, like those public announcements not to leave your luggage unattended, or food, as it may be in this case?

Me like the face paintings! We're having this HUGE Halloween bash at work...I've heard it gets real spooky. I'll be helping out with the decor. Hope my kids won't be spooked out when they arrive trick-or-treating!

Getting spooked out as a kid at Halloween is the best part! :)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Martin is holding the candy :)

(no subject) - (Anonymous)


Where did you dig up the "inanimate" thing? *holding my sides in PAIN from laughing too much*

That's my bloggy friend Meg; isn't she great?! :)


Fabulous face-paint! And love the rings! ~Marilyn

Doh! That's going to be hard to get over quickly.

Where in Copenhagen is the zoo? Naturally G has ruled out zoos from any itinerary that includes him (all those animals! all that hair!) but we could still go.

LOL! It's not like he's rubbing up against them or anything. I'm not 100% sure where the zoo is, since I've never been there myself. From what I understand it's too far to walk from the train station; they took a bus there.

wrapped lollies in pewter? crunchy!

haha! he makes little odds and ends out of the leftover pewter shavings from the bigger pieces. I have a couple of small pewter acorns as well. :)

Beautiful rings. Rings are my favorite accessories. :)

LOL about the tomatoes but honestly, he should have been flattered you thought them worth eating. hehe


That face painting is pretty cool! Don't worry about the tomatoes these things happen :)


The tomato thing is hysterical! I hope he was a good sport about it and laughed when he realized what had happened.


He was a much better sport about it than I would have been if they'd been MY tomatoes!

oh my be so embarrassed every time i saw that guy. maybe get a little package of tomatoes (with a bow on it of course) and have it special delivered? lol


My link got messed up by Radio Userland. Now it's the next day and all the comments died. So that link is going astray:(.

Re: Liz!

thanks for the heads-up! I've fixed it :)


That was me, Meg.

Oh gosh that is so embarassing! Hehehehe! I would´ve probably made the same mistake. He should take it as a compliment that his home grown tomato´s look so good.

The rings look stunning!!

Beautiful face painting. Gorgeous jewlry, and tee hee! I would be soooo embarassed if the tomato story happened to me. BUT, here's a worse story-that didn't happen to me. While I was teaching, several of my colleagues and I were newly working with a literacy consultant. One of my fellow teachers, who is often rather up front, took one look at the literacy consultant and said, "Oh CONGRATULATIONS! When are you due?" The lady looked at her, turned a flaming shade of red, and said, "Oh I'M not having a baby!" Yeah. And then she proceeded to work with us for two years. Talk about embarassment. Lunch stealing at least, is a forgivable mistake...

I've had that happen to me (being asked), and have heard numerous stories of the same sort of thing from other people. I can't believe ANYONE would ask someone when they were due, if they hadn't been already informed reliably that the person in question was actually pregnant. :O

And it was only 3 tomatoes! :D

You old tomato stealer you!! ;o) gosh that's something I could have done too. I hate seeing good food going to waste. I think that my face would have turned red like a tomato the moment I realized.

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