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There are so many things I don't write about. Sometimes it makes me wonder who I'm kidding with this journal.

I don't write about work, really.
I don't write much about my husband and how we interact, at least not any intimate details.
I try not to write things that would hurt someone if they read them.
I never write about television or the shows I watch...mostly because I don't. Watch, that is.
It's rare that I talk in detail about a bad day or what caused it, especially if there are other people involved.
I don't write about my opinions concerning religion or politics or hot-button subjects like abortion or capital punishment.
I don't write about the skeletons in my closet.

Sometimes I feel like that doesn't leave me with much. I wonder at times, who's reading this? Why are people reading my natterings about my kids, my impressions of life as an expat, my enthusiasm about singing or the turning of the seasons, the books I'm reading. I get filled with self-doubt, and it bubbles up, black and oily, and threatens to spill over. The thing is, I know I'm a good writer, but I sometimes don't think I have anything worth writing ABOUT.

Some people are born to write novels, to write books, to fill pages with well-researched and well-crafted tomes on every subject under the sun. I've always been better at crafting sentences. A paragraph. Poems, and once in awhile, a short story or an essay. Little things.

One thing from my childhood that has stuck with me even as an adult is my love of small things. I received a shadowbox as a gift as a pre-teen and carefully filled it during our years in Europe with little keepsakes from the places we visited and the places we lived; things that could fit within a square no more than 2x3 inches at the largest. Even now, tiny things fascinate me. Miniature animals and objects, diminutive curios, bitty baubles, tiny trinkets. It fascinates me that people can make things on such a small scale, with such detail. I still have somewhere an article I saved when I was about 13, along with its accompanying photographs, about an artist who carved sculptures in human hair and on grains of rice. He had carved an entire soccer game of figures along a human hair. You had to look at it with a microscope.

When we visited Mora, Sweden a couple of years ago and toured the dala horse factory, the only souvenir I really had to have was the teeny-tiny dalahorse, painted in minute and perfect detail, that was no bigger than the fingernail on my little finger (and the dalamoose, of course).

I think there is a tendency to consider small things as not being worth as much as large ones, when often the opposite is, in fact, the truth. But that slippery doubt-bubble causes me, far too often, to dismiss my own scribbles as not big enough, not advanced enough, not ENOUGH. It's funny, when I put such value on the petite, that I forget to value it in myself. And obviously, there are others out there who also appreciate the little things, at least in writing, or I wouldn't have the readership that I do, (which readership, frankly, never fails to amaze me. Thank you).

Really, when you think about it, isn't the whole blog and online journal phenomenon our way of catering to and lapping up the small things?? It's perfect for the MTV generation. :P I can take my reading in bite-size doses! And I can write in scattershot and firecracker bursts of enthusiasm, too. One sentence, one paragraph at a time.

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i sort of share your way of writing and sharing things in your life here because i mostly prefer keep all the negative things or things that may bring negativity to my lj away. it's conscious choice.. sometimes i share quite detailed things of my personal life but i think to do that contains a risk to be misunderstood even if these people who are on the list had been there for years -- i think it is just impossible for someone to have the correct angle to things unless they know you in real life, too. so why write of things that may cause distress among others? and writing of opinions, why not.. but have to be ready for getting all sorts of feedback then.

i don't think sharing happy things makes the journal any less real, it just makes it yum to read. :) i think more people should do it!


I think more people should do it too!

I like small things, too. I have a Victorian dollhouse. It is filled with miniatures so adorable: little sacks of potatoes in the kitchen, a mini grand piano with sheet music the size of stamps, a tiny toilets with a roll of toilet paper smaller than a thimble.

I also like airplane meals because they are tiny and in little compartments. Like Japanese bento boxes. Orderly and scaled-down.

I like small.

How lovely! Have you ever seen the fairytale castle at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago? It's amazing. Tiny little replications of real books, even. Covet!

No, I've never been to Chicago, except to change planes.

so good

Now THIS is some "really good writing out there right now!" Loved it. ~bluepoppy

Re: so good


I like when a journal is real. That's catches my interest. Each person must try to write the way she feels is real for her - and that can turn out in any number of ways. I don't mind sad&personal, provocative&political, obscure&artistic, mundane&journaly, or detailed and cyclic in a lovely way, as yours is. As long as it seems to portray the person who writes it in an honest way, I like it.


I don't write about work, politics, religion, or any other hot button topics. I don't even have a family to address! I am just a gong show with a penguin fetish and an iPod with a dead battery and a general love for babbling. It's shocking anyone reads the crap I write. But honey, they do. And they do you, too. Because the REALLY important stuff is -- as you say -- the little stuff, be it housed in a shadow box or locked in your heart.


I write for me really, so that includes what's happening with my relationship, if my dog jumped in a puddle, definitely way more about pelargoniums than almost anybody else wants to read. Some stuff I do filter, not because of my feelings, but for others. I try not to be nasty about people because it's bad for your soul (but I can get snitty about fashion disasters seen in town). Myself, I adore the journal style of jackiejj, can't wait to see what spin she gives on life next.

I adore her, too :)

I think you write about a lot even though you don't cover everything in your life. I leave out many details or lock posts when I post about private things just because I don't want any old crazy to be able to track me down. I actually mean to post more often than I do, but then I don't get around to it. I have some pretty funny things trapped in my head. If they could only make it down to my fingers.

I know exactly what you mean. I especially wish I was better about remembering dialogue. The things people say make me laugh so much, and then I can't remember them! stupid brain.

*big hug*

I love reading your journal. It's a snapshot of a family life that I myself do not have (yet, if ever). The little things you share about your little ones - the funny, the bad, the ugly. They are all cherished little memories that I'm sure if you look back just 6 months or a year, would have already possibly been forgotten or faded. :)

I love the way you construct your sentences ;0) But you're a good writer... don't worry, just let it flow. :) We're not here to judge you, but to share in what you allow us to share.

If you did want to start using it to discuss more topics - you could always utilize filters. They're a great help especially if one wants advice but only from specific people. As you know, I use it often.

*tight hugs* I really do feel blessed for having met you here. One day we will meet - and I can't wait to give you a great big REAL hug to thank you for all those times when I'm having a rubbish day or getting caught up in the crappy little things and you lift my spirits or make me giggle by sharing something. Thank YOU, Liz.

Re: *big hug*

I never bother with filters...for the most part, I can't be bothered (hee!)

Sometimes it's because using a filter would cut out my non-LJ readers, whose feedback and advice means a lot to me, too. Sometimes it's because if I can't say it publicly, then I don't usually need to say it (at least here) at all.

*hugs back to you* It will be so much fun when we finally meet!

Here's my big chance to tell you something mushy: when you write about your family life and your kids I want to grab you by your gorgeous curly hair and shout, "Yes! Liz! Exactly right! Enjoy them! They're GROWING!!" There. Now I've said it.

I know! I am! It's scary, the growing, even when it's exciting. I gobble them up with my eyes when they're not looking :)

I don't know if I could ever write a book or a feature-length article even. Blog writing is just my style.

As for reading what you write, I enjoy reading about your slice of life. :)

Thanks. :) I agree, blog writing is just my style, too! To think all these years I had to wait for it to come along and make me happy!

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