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SO freakin' adorable and i LOVE your sweet icon, too!

:) thanks, you!

Those younguns of yours look mighty delicious. As does that spoonful of orangey goop.

Karin is definitely Tage's kind of girl in those Batman duds!

Your kids are so photogenic -- you always have the greatest pictures!

The thought of Karin and Tage getting together makes me want to head for the hills! :D

Childrens! With real Pumpkins! *does a happy dance

I want those pumpkin seeds if Karin doesn't eat them all up.

Owh, I want to carve a pumpkin too!:) Might just have to grab one at the store this week, empty it and carve it, and make soup of the insides! :) (if I can find edible ones that is)

Ewww, slimy pumpkin guts!! I love it! hehe

She was spitting for 10 minutes afterwards because she accidentally got some on her lips. :D

so cute.

Yum yum ...pumkin!! Your kids are just so gorgeous!!!


They are so cute. I love the Batman shirt.

We were just talking about buying a pumpkin today! I haven't hardly seen any this year. I'm wondering if it was the summer weather or if stores have decided they aren't sellers.

Homemade roasted pumpkin seeds can't be beat!

The guy at the place we got them said it was a bad year for pumpkins since it was so dry.



They are the cutiest and good pumpkins too! -Alex


They really are too damn cute (the kids, I mean). ~Marilyn

too cute!

You are lucky to have carving pumpkins available where you are. All I can find here are the cooking kind, to squat and fleshy for making jack o lantern.

They've been available only for about the last 10 years in Sweden. I'm realy glad, too. It wouldn't feel right to go through the fall without one!

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