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I'm having a bit of a Sally Field's moment over here. I swear I wasn't soliciting in my last post, but 3 generous anonymous lovelies out there in the innernets just earned my undying love for the gifts they gave me in the form of more userpic and paid account time. I shower kisses upon your anonymous heads! Thank you :)

I am in between books, quite unexpectedly. I bought 3 magazines to keep me company while dining on sushi alone before the AWC meeting the other night, which was not at all lonely, but perfectly relaxing and nice, and there was another one waiting when I came home, and I finished my last book last night, and now I'm debating what to read next. Shall I re-read a beloved friend or attempt to find a new one? Aaaah, the book-lover's favorite dilemma!

Last year, I walked just about every day for 3 or 4 months. I had plans to do it again this year, starting in March when the weather was beginning to lighten up a bit, but I busted up my foot in February and ended up shelving my plans for the duration. Whilst (whilst! hahahaha wee! Look what you did!) I was walking last year, I had the most wonderful natural smörgåsbord of sights around me: the burgeoning Spring, the airy outdoors, the riot of colors and flora and fauna that easily infected this journal with flighty and flowing bits of prose extolling the wonderful world around me. This is something that I turned out to be better at than I expected when I started. This year, sidelined as I was, most of my amateur-annie-dillard observations were necessarily snapped in short and staccato bursts during my commute and other drivetimes. At first I thought that was fine, because after all I had managed to document the changing of the seasons pretty well for most of one year already and how much tralala and flower-farting can you people endure? But I must admit I miss it. It was grounding somehow.

Things I Did Today Involving My Hands:
  • Chased the stupid ducks and geese from the farm behind us off our deck, out of our yard and across the ditch. Stupid fowl. Keep your nasty birdflu to yourselves.
  • Soothing and petting the fevered brow of my daughter who was home sick
  • Typing. Lots of it. A wealth of words. An excess of emails. A veritable plethora of verbosity!
I did other things, too, but none of them were interesting. HAHAHA! I have very strange ideas about what is "interesting," don't I?

A Piscine Pondering: Betta, which is the extremely original name with which we baptized our Siamese Fighting Fish (aka betta splendens, in case you're wondering what the hell I'm going on about), is like a cat. He's like a very predatory tiger in our tank. He's lithe and sinuous and aloof. He chases and eats the little fish occasionally, much as if they were finned birds or mice. He pretends he doesn't come when called, but if I bend down and put my face near the glass, he invariably moseys over and preens in front of me, waving his flowing red-blue-purple tail about, just like a cat. If he were a cat, he'd be weaving it between my legs, wondering loudly where the treats were. The rest of the fish have little or no personality, possessing a sort of collective skitterish-scatterbrained-gluttonous character. Considering how big their brains are (so! very! tiny!), this is no surprise, but I have to make the best of the pets I'm allowed, right?

Hep to the Hap, to the Hip Hop Hap-py Birthday Wishes to pastaqueen!
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I read that in Rome, Italy, the goldfish bowls are no longer allowed according to the local regulations. It is said that a round bowl can make the fish blind?! The same regulations prescribe a daily walk with your dog, if you have one.

Regarding chasing out the ducks, that was exactly what Rachel did in the episode of Friends that was reprised earlier tonight. She had a new boyfriend who had a phobia of fowls.

I saw something about that Italian law, too, but didn't read the article. We've got a 25-gallon tank, but even so, I know it's limiting.


yes, the whilst (whilst!) thing is sweeping the But honestly? I didn't start it. I swapped Otter my obsessive use of the word "bits" and the free use of the phrase "monolithic trudge" for her darling whilst (whilst!) thing.

But I want it known: i have totally and singlehandly reinstated the use of the word "turd." seriously. Although, it strikes me now that I don't think I have used it even ONCE in my blog. Still, I'm claiming all that glory.

xo Wee
P.S. And Edna and the Ants will start official auditions on Monday. be there or be square.

eep! can I phone in my audition!? :D

So the other fish are skittish and without personality.....this couldn't be related to the fact Betta is eating those who are too slow could it!!

And good to hear you are keeping fluey foul fowl away from your house - if you suddenly see a large amount of avian tissues this could be a sign they have the flu.


I never grow tired of your flower-farting...I bow at your tralala feet... ~Marilyn

LOLOL that made me laugh :) thanks, sweetie! :D

Aw, thanks! :)

my goldfish are like big playful dogs. but i have a feeling your catfish would chase them up an underwater plant. :-)

"I'm having a bit of a Sally Field's moment over here."

A Sally Field's moment ?

Re: "I'm having a bit of a Sally Field's moment over here."

"You like me! You really like me!" :D

Re: "I'm having a bit of a Sally Field's moment over here."



Unexpected acts of internet kindness are the best huh? Once a woman I met online set my dog, Oreo, the cutest little chew toy - I'll love her forever for that!

Kestrel (

They are, indeed. I've been the surprised and grateful recipient of several and I'm always so moved and thrilled :)

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