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I want to be in the U.S. next year for Halloween. I want my kids to experience it RIGHT. We had the AWC Halloween party today and while it was really nice, if a bit chaotic, it was just a masquerade with decorations. A couple of years ago we got to participate in the closest thing to a real Halloween since we moved to Sweden, courtesy of a friend who put her heart and soul into making sure her children got to experience as close to the real thing as possible, and it was wonderful, but I really, REALLY want to take my children home next October. I know some people don't like Halloween, but I LOVED it, I loved everything about it, that magical mysterious night, and I really miss it. A big thanks to reebert for her clever costume idea. I don't know why the blue hairspray we used turned neon in the flash, but it looks even cooler like that! We were 2 pairs of bluejeans! :D (Karin being, of course, the BAD GENE).

I did that Hallomeme thing with all my LJ friends listed and it was mildly amusing, but way too long to post here. However, the one that cracked me up the most was the one for my brother: johann_metzger dressed as a Care Bear. HAHAHA! And several of you didn't bother to show up and thus got no candy. What's up with that?!

Last weekend, home alone with me at one point, Martin came and told me he was b-o-o-o-o-red. I said, "How can you be bored?! You have a million toys and games and things to play with!" He rolled his eyes and said, "But I don't know what to do." So I told him to go make me something. "What should I make?" he asked. "Make a...a...make a rabbit!" I demanded. So he did.

A 3D-tail, no less!

This one just makes me smile :)

A woman I don't know, who is a regular on a talk forum for Americans moving to and living in Sweden that I used to frequent, and who is on the LJ friends lists of some of MY LJ friends, lost her teenage son today in a tragic accident. I don't know the details but I can't imagine what she and her family are going through right now. :( I've been hugging my children extra hard all day today, but it's not enough.
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What Hallomeme thing? When?

Ock, the accident is so tragic. :-(

I went back and edited the post to link to it for you :)

You guys look great!

haha..what a cool idea for costumes! you guys look great! and Martins bunny is awesome!

I loved Halloween as a child. And it was so fun as my children were growing up. I sort of miss the thrill that the holidays held while there were kids in the house.
Next year I hope to have some vim and vigor and maybe plan with a friend to attend one of the many costume parties or dances around town. I'll plan ahead and think of a good yet comfortable and fun costume and then go have the time of my life.

One of my best Halloweens as a kid was the time I spent it at my grandmother's house in a small town. I went out with my uncle, four years older than me. People invited us in for apple pie and cider. The local cafe gave us ice cream cones. We carried pillowcases and they were brimming. I think we went everywhere in that little town. And almost everyone knew who we were.

pillowcases full of candy! OH MY! :D

I like the neon blue hairstyle. It looks really spooky.

You know, you stole my idea about celebrating Halloween in the US. I was just going to post something like that. I agree with you that Halloween should be celebrated in America.

all of your gene pool looks delightfully radiant with all that neon blue happening! YOu are all so darn cute!(and the kids... oh MY! what adorable rascals!)

I am so sorry to hear of the tradgedy, I have had nightmares of losing my only daughter, and have friends who have lost children... I can only imagine the horror and grief. Good thoughts and prayers towards that mother today...


Great costumes and I LOVE the rabbit (very clever!) Sad about the accident. Yes, hugging's good. I just came from attending a movie with my nieces and hugged them goodbye a few extra times for good measure. ~Marilyn

Halloween is my favorite (non-Jewish) holiday... I'd miss not celebrating it here, myself. This year, I really feel in the spirit of it, too, even though I'm not dressing up... I do love your family's costumes, though, and the hair. Very clever!! :D

I love the rabbit, and the happiness in the pictures.

I'm sorry to hear of the tragic accident :(

is halloween still what it used to be where you used to live? my NC friends complain that in the last five years or so the trick-or-treating has all but ceased because it's not deemed safe anymore to let your kids walk around and take candy from their neighbors. evidently kids disappear and poisoned candy turns up. so nowadays they do trunk-or-treating from the back of a car? whassup with that? where's the magic?

to be honest, I find it really hard to believe that anything like that actually happens. I think that Americans live in such a state of fear it's ridiculous. :(


Whoa! That's some hair you guys have going! I never would have guessed it was hairspray, I thought your entire family had literally gone neon. :)

Kestrel (

It was pretty blue, but the flash from the camera really lit us up! :D


I love the blue hair. I hope you make it to the US next year! Come and carve pumkins I am going to have a contest next year!

That rabbit is really something, how creative!

I don't know about where you come from, but when I was back in New Mexico a few years ago around Halloween, even in a large neighborhood, there were very few kids knocking on the doors anymore. They all go to the local malls, where they go from store to store and get "safe" candy that has been provided to the stores by the mall management. It started getting kind of scary while I was still young enough to trick or treat.

That really is frightening. I know that my sister trick or treats with her kids (she's been in Virginia and now in St. Louis). I'll have to ask her what they do.


I always loved Halloween too--and I'm not even that into candy. It's the magical atmosphere that was so special. Yes, take them to America to experience one real Halloween!


I missed the meme thing as well :(

Ha, love the photos!!!

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