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I can't even imagine attempting NaNoWriMo. You people are all nuts.

My stomach is upset, from what I can't imagine. But my headcold seems to be about gone.

Jackie Jernigan's* collection of short stories and essays is a complete delight. I'm halfway through and loving every page. Her brain is amazing, and her storytelling gift is as big as the sky. Go buy it, it's worth every penny.

I just burped and now I feel better. :P

I was really craving sushi tonight, but there was none to be had.

Inspiration is absent. Yoo hoo! Inspiration! Where are you??

As I obviously have nothing much to write about tonight, I will turn you over to some links, while I go read in bed.

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now!: Mosaic Minds: Yes/No/Maybe Issue

Now THAT's TV For ME!: The Adventures of Yam Roll in Happy Kingdom

Simply Wonderful: An Eye For Annai (MOVIE CLIP)

Great Big Happy Birthday Wishes to paprikas!

*aka jackiejj
mood: sleepy
music: soundtrack crescendos from the television


liz, i'm writing nanowrimo also, but i'm kind of keeping in on the down lo. if you want to read it as i write it, leave me a note here and i'll send you an email.

I'd love to read it :)

What the heck is "NaNoWriMo?"

National Novel Writing Month...50,000 word novel in one month.

Thank you so much Liz! I had a very enjoyable day!

I loved the movie clip!

Wasn't that great?! My kids and I watched it several times :)


thanks for postin our movie!
- dan and jon

thanks for making it! Make more!


You so Dickens! The burp--- it was like I was right there with you! So real-- heeeeee, ~bluepoppy

Re: MWAAaaaaahhh

LOL! You're a goof! :P


I wanted to try doing the NaNoWriMo this year but I just don't have time with all the writing I'm doing for school right now. Maybe next year!

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