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1) Whipping through the remainder of my project list at work and finishing up exactly when I had to be out the door to be...

2) Going to the airport to pick up my separated-at-birth-kindred-spirit-friend Kathey and her husband Russell, whom I haven't seen in 2.5 years (because they live in Sydney, Australia) and...

3) Bringing them home where they are going to be staying with us for a week and later...

4) Making a run to the 7-11 in Lund for BEN & JERRY's ice cream...
Russell: How many should we get?
Me: Four.
Russell: Four?!
Me: Well, there's four of us, right? *evil grin*...and then

5) eating bowls with 1 scoop each of Strawberry Peace Cake, Cherry Garcia, Cookie Dough and Double Fudge Something-Yummy-or-Other, while...

6) talking non-stop and catching up and just enjoying their company!

Tomorrow, we are having a party with lots of our good friends, so we have that to look forward to, too.

Oh! And more good things!

I talked to Angie today and they got test results back for Kristian and it seems that after 3 surgeries to remove lymph nodes they think they got all the cancerous tissue from the spread of the melanoma, AND the chemotherapy for the lymphoma is showing that he's responding and improving after 3 rounds. YAY!!
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