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What do you all think about the increasing use of advertising on all kinds of blogs? I find they make sites with good content hard to read and full of distracting ugliness. I can understand why people feel compelled to move in that direction, especially if it's true that the advertising really does pay for the webhosting costs, or more, but I think it's a real shame. Some of them I can read on my LJ friends page thanks to their RSS feeds, without the annoying and ugly advertising, but others only give a few lines and I still have to click over to the site to read the full content anyway. I confess to never once having clicked on an advertisement on someone's blog, and find it hard to imagine doing so, frankly, since I'm only there for the writing, and sometimes the link recommendations to other journals and blogs.

Something I always find difficult, yet exciting: lending beloved books. While I WANT other people to read them, and am thrilled when they do so and love them as much as I did, there is something very painful about letting my OWN copies out of my hands. What if they never come back? What if I can't re-read them when I get the urge? I would rather buy people their own NEW copies than lend out my own, if truth be told. And yes, as if you couldn't have guessed, I keep a list of the loans. :P

Driving through the twisty back roads of the hilly Scanian landscape with copper-colored beech leaves swirling in the wake of the car, we went to Kristinehof Castle today to view the National Geographic 100 Best Photos World Tour. We only had an hour, as Kathey and I had to be in Malmö at 1 for an appointment. The castle is out in the middle of absolute nowhere and it's not really a castle, it's a big orange manor house in need of a paint job. We were very rushed and didn't even see the whole thing, but I've seen most of the famous photos before and the best part was a video detailing the search for "the Afghan girl" whose image on the cover of the magazine was one that I saved when I was a teenager and still have in a notebook somewhere.

There is something about massage that is so painfully delicious, it's like a drug I can't get enough of. It's like living through your skin, with your entire being concentrated on the muscle that is being pressed just so. A very tall English gal named Michaela was my masseuse today for the first time, and she was gooooooood. I was putty in her hands. Gelatin. Mush. We had agreed on (and paid for!) half an hour, but I was under her thumbs for an HOUR AND A HALF: *happpppy siiiiiiiiiigh* Because Kathey and I were both getting massages, I had another hour and a half afterwards to curl up under a blanket on her sofa upstairs and read my book. I can't imagine a more delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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a wonderful picture!

Thank you :) My friend Russell took it.

I was just looking at dooce last night and saw all the ads. It is distracting, and just reading her posts about Leta, just made me think, what are the advertisers advertising for? For people to read about this little girl's life and her mom's ups and downs, and oh yeah, see this movie, buy this product? It does seem a little weird to me, and it is distracting. But it must be a lot of money for her husband to quit his job and stay home while she supports the family. I like that she is not apologetic about it : )

How long is that exhibit there? I will have to check out the link.

What a heavenly massage! I need to get one myself.

I think the exhibit is only until next weekend. If you are coming all the way from Gothenburg, I would say don't bother. You can see most of the stuff online. :)

It was interesting to see some of the National Geographic photos online and to read the story about search for the Afghan girl. Pretty neat that you got to see the exhibition. Especially with an hour and a half massage afterward.

I agree with you about the ads thing. I've thought about it, and just get so irritated by the very idea--despite the possible financial gains. When I get magazines, the first thing I do is rip out the subscription pages. I feel the same way about ads on blog--I just want to get rid of them.

Beautiful picture!That sounds like such a wonderful trip!

Me, too! I rip all those little cards out and fling them around the room. :D

Mmmm ... massage ... lovely!

Advertising in blogs ... like you I mostly view through feeds ... but when I do click through they don't stop me from reading, but they do affect me negatively in two ways: aesthetically and logically (like you, I would never click on one so just don't get it...).

I hate blog ads, they're just UGLY. I'd much rather subscribe. I wil never ever have ads (no matter what financial gain) and I will never get rid of comments (no matter how much I want to, only because I hate how attatched I am to them :P).

Lending out books

I can relate to your comment about lending out favorite books. Some friends and I built a site to help us keep track of books we lend out. It is a simple database that keeps track of who you lend the book to. It then sends an automatic reminder to the person a few weeks later so you don't have to nag them. Feel free to check it out at

Re: Lending out books

That's a nice service, but I don't think it would work for me since I'm in Sweden and it seems to be US-based.

Re: Lending out books

True, the groups are currently in the US. But you can use the service to keep track of your own items in any geography (just to keep track and send automated reminders) and no reason that groups couldn't form in Sweden. Regardless, I wish you the best...


Have you seen the dialogue at Keri Smith's site about Dooce's ads? I find them a big turn-off...mainly because the ones on her sites seem so garish and loud. I've seen other sites that had quite a few ads that didn't bother me nearly as much. Not that I'm ever going to CLICK on one of them. :) Massage...(sigh)...maybe I can convince my massage therapist mother to give me at least a neckrub after packing next weekend. :) ~Marilyn

no, I haven't...I'll have to go read it. I appreciate that dooce is unapologetic about it, but I wish there was a way to make them a little less obnoxious.

Ah. Massage. There's nothing like it. Glad you got one. I'm working on how to get back to getting them regularly.
On loaning books. I agree. Hard to loan, but seems hard to refuse after an enthusiastic recommendation. It's good you keep a list. I've lost track of far too many book loans. There are certain ones I just won't part with. Just like the reference section of the library.

im also a bit disappointed with all the ads..especially those at dooce. i find the site to be a bit to cluttered now. but i still read because im obsessed. i have actually clicked on a few of the ads becauase i was interested and one time was led to another girls blog...pretty good.

reminds me..i lent out The Catcher in the Rye recently and completely forgot about it! but the girl I lent it to is very good with that, she always gives them back and never damages them.

glad ya'll had a great sunday! that DOES sound like a lovely way to spend it!

I am a bit confused, I have never seen ads on blogs. Do you have an example for me to see?, are 2 that I read regularly that have ads now.

Oh I see, I hope that this doesn't come to LJ.

you go baby!!


Gotta have the AHHHH in massage and it sounds like you got it. As for your question about the advertising-- it's inevitable-- but it'll probably nudge me to start exploring futher afield where blogs are still ad-free-- ~bluepoppy

yeah, not a fan of advertisements at all, but especially on things i like to read! there are some really great photos in that collection, and i totally understand the book lending thing, but i always lend mine out anyway, and usually regret it later. i let out my english edition of lord of the rings, and am really missing them now. boo hoo!

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