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I was more than a little upset last night, and I'm afraid my husband will think I'm mad at HIM, but I'm not...I'm mad at his job. *swears up a storm*

We had plans earlier this year that when Anders went on his planned business trip to St. Louis in November, the kids and I would tag along, visit my sister (who just moved to St. Louis) for a week, and then head up to Michigan to spend Thankgiving with my mom and extended family. But his company slashed the travel budget several months ago, and the trip was cancelled, effectively killing our plans as we couldn't swing the ticket prices for all four of us to go.

Yesterday, he was informed that he would be going after all...ONE WEEK BEFORE. He'll be gone for 2.5 weeks, first to the States for 10 days and then to Germany and Italy. There's no way we can go with him at this late notice. I've been upset ever since we found out originally that he wasn't going to be going because it meant that the time between trips back "home" was probably going to stretch to over THREE YEARS, since we were last there in July/August 2004, and probably won't have a chance to make it back there before 2007, what with the other planned events (my brother's wedding, our 10-year wedding anniversary) next year. I feel so gypped. :(


I hope he knows his shopping list is going to be a mile long.
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