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Late yesterday I started a post that was essentially a run-down of where I'll be for the next few evenings. Then I deleted it because, really, do you care?

I seem to have this weird compulsion to explain when I know in advance that I'm probably not going to be posting, due to evening activities and being out of town. It's the same compulsion that brings me to call my husband and read him my calendar over the phone so that I'm sure he and I are in sync and that one of us won't be left at home, having fed the kids and put them to bed, wondering where the other is, and beginning to think about driving along the roads looking in ditches or calling the hospital to see if they've had any accident victims brought in, or wondering if maybe, just maybe, there is SOMEONE ELSE OUT THERE. Not that that has ever happened to me...I'm just saying.

All this by way of apology and explanation to my lovely innernets, since I've got choir tonight (tralala!) and book group tomorrow, and then Kathey and Russell and I are traipsing up to Gothenburg to visit friends for the weekend. Which I'm also guilting over, and someone please tell me why? It's because I pretty much won't see my kids for five days, but then Anders will be gone for nearly 2.5 WEEKS and why is it different because that's for work and this is for fun? I wouldn't have nearly as much angst if it was for work.


ANYWAY. I'm just saying.
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I need your icon!!!

Made it myself! Thank'ee ma'am :D

I have the same work vs. fun angst. My husband was gone once for 6 out of 19 weeks while I felt guilty for taking an afternoon to go see a movie!

I totally know what you mean! What's up with THAT?! We've got to stop that shit.

I care! :)
It's nice to hear what you're up to.

Have FUN! Don't feel guilty. Just think how much more clear Momma essence you'll have for the kidlets while Anders is gone by having had some guilt-free FUN.

That's a positive spin on the whole thing, for sure. Thanks! I'll have to keep it in mind when I'm ready to kill everyone in the middle of his trip :P

Enjoy your 5 days because it'll definitely be work for YOU when Anders is gone. :P

Har! Yeah, no shit :)

I for one (and I know I'm NOT the only one) really do want to know "where has Liz gotten off to?" whenever you go missing for a couple of days. Just saying. (Although I'll actually see you at the book club thing so I didn't really need to say that at all. I just did anyway.)

Yay for seeing you tomorrow! I can't wait! Singing and books and good friends all at once this week :)

So he flies out, and you turn to kids.

"Okay for the next 2.5 weeks it is delivered pizza and paper plates. Make sure you make your beds every morning, and put together your lunches the night before.

If you want me I will be in front of the television watching, in no particular order:

    BBC series of Pride and Prejudice
    The Martha Stewart Show
    and every movie that has the placename Tuscany in it


bwaha! I wish!


Hang in there girl things will get better :) -Alex


Just think of all your fun as fuel for that long spell of no-Anders/Daddy in the house! And I can just imagine you reading your calendar over the phone, and it's quite charming. Have lots of fun, you life-full woman, and have plenty of adventures to write about later!


It's a pain, guilt, but it's great you're going :)

whoa nellie!

Let go of the struggle, honey. first, we are here and we will be here when you get back. Relax. We're all right here. Second, you deserve to have a fabulous FUN weekend-- please allow yourself this. As you so rightly pointed out-- Anders will be gone for 2.5 weeks!! Breathe, relax, be with the moment. You are wonderful. Just say no to stress!

Have a fabulous time! I'll catch up with you when I return on Monday.

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