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Late yesterday I started a post that was essentially a run-down of where I'll be for the next few evenings. Then I deleted it because, really, do you care?

I seem to have this weird compulsion to explain when I know in advance that I'm probably not going to be posting, due to evening activities and being out of town. It's the same compulsion that brings me to call my husband and read him my calendar over the phone so that I'm sure he and I are in sync and that one of us won't be left at home, having fed the kids and put them to bed, wondering where the other is, and beginning to think about driving along the roads looking in ditches or calling the hospital to see if they've had any accident victims brought in, or wondering if maybe, just maybe, there is SOMEONE ELSE OUT THERE. Not that that has ever happened to me...I'm just saying.

All this by way of apology and explanation to my lovely innernets, since I've got choir tonight (tralala!) and book group tomorrow, and then Kathey and Russell and I are traipsing up to Gothenburg to visit friends for the weekend. Which I'm also guilting over, and someone please tell me why? It's because I pretty much won't see my kids for five days, but then Anders will be gone for nearly 2.5 WEEKS and why is it different because that's for work and this is for fun? I wouldn't have nearly as much angst if it was for work.


ANYWAY. I'm just saying.
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