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books books books books! I love books! And you know what else I love? Talking about books! Reading them! sniffing them...mmmm...paper! I love all those little black squared off rectangles that are made up of letters and words and sentences and paragraphs and chapters and books books books books! I love that little creaky noise a book makes when you first crack it open and I love the whiiiifff of the pages when you flip through them. I love reading prologues and acknowledgements and author's notes and blurbs. I love looking at the back side of the title page and tracing a book's history and seeing who did the cover art and where it was published.

Can you tell I was at book group tonight? It was kind of a social get-together, too, because Kathey is here and a lot of our friends are taking every opportunity to be wherever she and Russell are because they're only here for 2 weeks and that's just not enough. Camilla, our hostess, made yummy pasta and salad and a blueberry & raspberry cobbler with icecream for dessert, and we all sat around and talked and talked and talked. And then we talked about the book. And we talked about lots of other books and it was just great.

I just finished Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow and it was a fun, imaginative, unpredictable ride, although a bit off the wall. Now I'm reading The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke and I'm having a hard time putting it down. Next on the list is Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys. Whee! books books books books! Can you imagine waking up one day and having READ everything? Nothing left to read? *oooh shudder* Good thing people are writing new ones every day! What I like best is that they're being written for me. I honestly feel like that...good books are for me! You might think they are being written for you, and you can think that all you like, but I know the truth.

They're calling for me. They want me to read them. They know I'm out there looking for them and waiting for them and dying to get my hands on them so I can lap them up and gulp them down and then stroke them lovingly and read them again. Sometimes I poke my finger in the center to check and realize I've picked up a dud (like coconut when I was expecting a cream filling) but that doesn't happen so often anymore, because I have learned to be much more discriminating. I pick my books more carefully than I did when I was twenty and had all the time in the world, and all the books in it, too.

OH! I forgot to talk about how happy I was leaving choir last night. We sang my favorite Christmas song! FINALLY! I was seventeen years old the last time I sang it with a choir. (I recorded it, in a real recording session, in a real recording studio, in a duet with a girlfriend in 1992, but that was a long time ago, too). It was just as great as I remembered. It practically sings itself! I had a huge grin on my face the entire time, and everyone was looking at me and smiling, and I could tell they liked it, too. We're having a FREE Christmas concert in Malmö on December 8th, if anyone is interested :D

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Now you have to tell what Christmas carol it is!

Heh! No one I've told has ever heard of it. ;) It's called "Were You There on That Christmas Night?" and the composer is Natalie Sleeth.


I love the smell of books too, that's the first thing I do when I get a new one: sniff it!

Kestrel (


yeah! You left out the cruicial bit where you tell us what the favourite Christmas song is!!!!! Tell us or I wil have to issue a command that no more books are written for you! (i'm like all powerful, didn't you know?!)

xo Wee

Hee!! I think I've talked about it before. It's called "Were You There on That Christmas Night" and the composer is Natalie Sleeth. No one has ever heard of it :)


I know! I know!!!! - oh wait there are at least two Christmas songs on that tape! Were You There on That Christmas Night? or White Christmas?
I bet it's the first one!!! Love, Lizardmom

LOL! It's "Were you there?" :)

Books. Oh the smell of books. New or old, the allure of them. The addiction to them.

I recall, when just a lad, being taken by my father to the newspaper at which he worked, and seeing the great rolls of paper, and the smell of hot ink, and then coming off at the end the newspapers. Still warm as a bed from which a sleeping soul has just arisen.

The riffling soud of pages turning, the way they are bound, the smell, how they fir and weigh in the palm of your hand - the internet has not these touches. Give me books, rich and lavish, poured upon me - carried through storms and wind and summer and to beaches and forests and when walking reading. Oh delightful books.

I wish you were closer and could come up here and take some of these books I'm going to have to get rid of before I move.

FREE Christmas concert in Malmö on December 8th

more precisely, where and when?

MAS, ingång 44, 6:30 p.m.

oh, bummer. i would have liked to come, but my classmates have ordered me to attend their christmas party in lund that evening.

Go later! >:P


Ooh, I so wish I could have been there. What was the general consensus about Pope Joan? From about halfway through to the end, I couldn't put it down.


Everyone liked it a lot, but there were some nitpicks about it :) Missed you, too!!

i love this entry! i love books, but you say it so well. books are one thing i have really missed living here in sweden. i only have a few bookshelves of them here and i have read them all, at least a few times over. WHERE do you get your books here? our public library has a very sad collection of english books up here in northern skane. please tell me, as i am dying for more good books. oh, and i love and know that song! My young woman's group from church sang it at a few christmas concerts. what a beauty.

really? truly!?! I'm so thrilled! You're the first person who's ever said they knew it! You can come down and meet me and borrow books from me if you want! Our book group swaps books around. I order them from and I buy in Hamrelius and Akademibokhandel in Malmo when I get a chance. My mom also has my books-to-buy list and sends me books fairly frequently. And I occasionally order through the library system from our tiny branch office. It takes awhile, but you can order from any library in Sweden.

really, truly, we used to sing it. but don't think i have heard it in 10 years! (but don't get the wrong idea, i am NOT a singer, it was a church youth group, not real choir). btw, i am definately coming on dec 8th. i hope you do not mind. but i know how you feel about lending out books. i promise, if i borrow any, and you find that you need them at any time, you just call me and i will have them at your doorstep within a day! i will have to checkout as well. i have tried ordering books through the library, some i ordered more than two years ago, they have not yet managed to get me one single book. i think my requests (and multiple 5 kronors) just get sucked into the black hole that is the hassleholm library!
can i borrow you mom? i cannot even drop enough hints to get my mom to send a single care package, yet alone a book or two.

:) you're coming to the concert?? Cool! :D I keep track of my books when I loan them out and hunt people down after awhile. :P

I think I am going to grab Geena and ask her if we could go together to watch you preform on the 8th. Geena? Would you like to?

I also love books and the smell of a new book ..... is almost as yummy as sushi!!

That would be cool! You'd be very welcome (and I'll be very nervous, hahah!)

The smell of books! That's one reason why I think e-books will never truly take over. I love the smell and feel of a book. I love the old book smell libraries have, with the exception of SU's which smells like student feet.

What's an SU?

Stockholms Universitetet


I feel the same way about books - the really good ones are my long lost loves or dearest of friends and I just feel better for having them in my house. And what if you DID read everything? It's impossible!

I really do want to hear your favorite, favorite Christmas song. PUHLEESE share it with us??


I found a rather noisy live recording from a church. I believe it is the same song, written as late as 1976?

The computer I'm borrowing here doesn't have speakers so I can't listen to it, but I can't imagine it could be anything else with that name. :D I'll have to listen when I get home on Sunday. :D

That was a truly horrendous recording, and not just because it was noisy...but yes, that's the song :)

It's called "Were You There on That Christmas Night?" by Natalie Sleeth. zapac found a recording of it online in a comment above, which is probably it, but I can't listen to it from the computer I'm borrowing up here. I'll have to confirm on Sunday!

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