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Is there something to write about that doesn't sound trite? I feel banal, boring, uninspired. My mind skids in dizzy circles, enumerating the things that need to be done, the things I can't get out of doing, the things I have to put off doing, the number of hours in a day which don't add up to enough. 24 would seem an overabundance, but 9 8 7 6 are eaten up by sleeping and 8 are eaten up by working and suddenly it seems I only have half an hour left each day to do all the things that are clamoring for my attention, and that's not even the household chores which have dulled to a low background roar. I've told at least 2 people I would do something and have not done it, one has been put off for weeks. I've found time to write in this journal, though. My priorities are obviously skewed.

How do you prioritize? Do you just take the things that are the most pressing and let the rest fall, like chaff, to the winds? Am I losing it or is this just the typical heading-into-winter-blahs? Hibernating sounds good, curling up in a cave, nose pressed into my furry side, emerging six months from now svelte and eager for spring. What a diet plan that would be! For the healthy-lifestyle-eating-whateveryouwanttocallit course I have to keep a food journal. I have to write down every single thing I put into my mouth...FOODWISE...for the next 6 weeks. This is not good. We're heading into julbord season. Christmas cookie season. The season of turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes. My food journal will groan and lie limply on the couch, with its pants unbuttoned. It will surreptitiously wipe whipped cream (from the pumpkin pie) off its front when someone asks if it's being "saved for later." It will dab at the gravy stains and then fling up its hands in resignation. It will try very hard NOT to eat those Christmas cookies and it will probably fail dismally but who can resist CHRISTMAS COOKIES, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE??

Did someone slip the internet a mickey this evening? It's leaning drunkenly to one side and slurring its words. Snap out of it, internet! Look alive!

I have things to do, and things I want to do, which are not necessarily, and in fact, not often, the same thing, and yet I am still sitting here working on this entry. One load is tumbling in the dryer and another is being shaken AND stirred in the washing machine. The kids are sleeping, arms akimbo, and it's quiet in the house. There is no music playing except the endless loop in my head. Right now it's the first few lines of Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind which we sang in junior high choir and which seems appropriate to the weather lately. I have talked to my husband on an international call no less than 6x today which amused me mightily for various reasons. Perhaps heading to bed and reading a couple of chapters is what I need. Or watching the tape of West Wing recorded from last week. Any other ideas for prying myself out of the doldrums are welcome, provided they a) require no money, b) require no time commitment (have you SEEN my calendar lately?) and c) make me laugh.

All I Can Say About This is: WOW and there's a whole SITE full of stuff just as amazing!
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music: ...thou art not so unkind as man's man's ingratituuuuude


I could send you a Sophie photo a day, that would cheer you up.

It sure would! I think, if we can't have Pelar Sunday, then Sophie-of-the-Day ought to be put into immediate circulation!


That link is incredible!!


Three words for you - WAITING.FOR.GUFFMAN. It's got all the laughs you will ever, ever need. I promise. IN fact, I should go watch it right now.

If it will make you feel better, I'll send you pictures of the Green Bean Kid. Or wedding pictures! Whatever floats your boat.

I must rent that film! You were recommending it like crazy before and I've heard such good things about it.


crap it! Me again, that is, Sam!

I'm lazy so I have very little to prioritize ;-) I also have learned that it's better to say NO than to say YES and sign up for too much. I'm not perfect at it but I'm getting better...

Also, I do believe that winter time IS a time for slowing down, doing less, and just being.

For fighting off the doldrums: I look at pictures of baby animals :)

Wish I could think of something appropriate, but anything I'm using to distract myself out of my current state is completely filthy and unfit for humans to view.


I haven't made christmas cookies in five years this year I am going to should I send you some to make resistence harder :)
I am sorry life is hitting us all its a full moon maybe thats it.

It's been a full moon for DAYS!

That 1/2 hour syndrome happens to me too, even without children and a job in the mix.

I am definitely just like that finished product in your link. At least in my imagination. sigh.

Prioritizing is not my forte -- as evidenced by my lack of LJ'ing for the past ten days or so. I had to make myself go cold turkey in order to force myself to focus on stuff that Had To Be Done. :-P

Hibernation sounds more appealing, every year. Too bad there are always those little things that require regular attention (like, say, paying the cellphone bill, which I accidently forgot to do last month -- oops), to keep us from cozily curling up under a lovely pile of toasty quilts and snoozing our way to Spring. mmmQuiltsmmm!

Actually, I've been missing you and was about to send out the dogs. Glad you turned up again before that was necessary. :) I know what you mean about having to go cold turkey, but I find it very grounding at the end of each day :)

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