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I think I've figured out what's going on. It's a full moon!

But wait! Wasn't it a full moon yesterday? Come to think of it, it was a full moon THREE DAYS AGO.

Are we STUCK?!

Well, actually, Martin and I sussed out the moon 3 days ago, and after checking it over very carefully, heads tilted to first one side and then the other, we agreed that it wasn't quuuuuuuuuuuuuite full yet. It was still a shade squashy on one side. But it was for sure a full moon the night after. The night after that was cloudy, and so was the night after that, but last night? Totally clear! And full! Man in the moon and all. A huge silver dollar (or five-krona) in a pitch-black sky. This morning when I woke up, it was still dark, but not really. Because? the FULL MOON WAS SHINING.

We drove away from the house and followed the moon to school. It was huge and white and glowy, hanging just above the treeline, ducking down and hiding behind houses when we turned, popping up again over the soccer field. Silly moon! The sky was lavendering up at that point, all bright and morning-glory. I drove away from Flyinge and suddenly everything went PINK! Ahead of me were cumulous puffclouds, gathered admiringly around the moon, with his man, and behind me the sun outlined yet more clouds in molten fire. Heavenly applause! Choirs of angels! La bella luna!

A full day of work and the sun, tuckered out, set about lowering the blinds, saving energy by simply reversing the color scheme of this morning. Bright blue sky shading down, down to lavender, pink, glowy gold. And there he was again! THE FULL MOON! So, that makes about 4 days by my count. We're definitely stuck. He's still out there, high up, keeping an eye on us. When I look out the window he winks at me, the cheeky thing.
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I saw that moon last night. Big and golden, pinned up to the indigo night sky.. a little too big for the real moon, a little too golden.

aha! maybe that explains it! He pinned up a facsimile and went walkabout!

I think so. It was just too big and too golden to be real in November. Then again, later in the evening it was more true to size and color.

I have seen the full moon a couple of days now as well. I always keep thinking that it is something really special but it feels like it is getting more common. That is probably not the case of course. I always think of howling when I see a full moon, seen too many of those movies :o)


I loved last night's full moon - especially just before it got dark. It was hanging low and milky pale in a clear blue sky. Fantastic!

beautiful post. thank you.

Whenever the kids were wonky when I was teacher I would blame it on the moon!

Oh my god!! Is it!!!!???? The last time I felt like I am now it was too ... when PMS and a full moon collide you do NOT want to be around me ... my god, that makes so much sense now ... shit!

yeah, the full moon has been around for ages, it seems to me too. and what's more; it doesn't feel like a whole month since the last one. what's going on? :-)

Did you just write a children's book in those last two paragraphs?? :)

:) I don't know! Are you publishing?? :P

I'm not...but is... ;)

Totally lunar!

It really has been an amazing moon lately...even visible in the daylight sky.

Hasn't it been wonderful!!!? Soooo pretty up there, just hanging over the buildings. I love a full moon...eeeh....;)


The moon has been bright, true, but I haven't seen her face. I agree with the consensus of feeling wonky and that PMS and fullmoon week should NOT collide! ~Samiam

yes-- full moon BLAH

I am NOT someone who resonates well with the full moon energies-- au contraire! Let the new moon begin! ~bluepoppy

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